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Mobile phones and cancer: misleading headlines fail to mention rats

Category: Science blog November 2, 2018 10 comments

US researchers have released a report linking high doses of the radiation given off by mobile phones to increased risk of heart tumours in male rats.

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5 persistent myths about the causes of breast cancer

Category: Science blog October 12, 2017 4 comments

The good news is there’s no reason to be concerned about deodorants, bras, plastics and milk when it comes to breast cancer risk.

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Back in the news – mobile phones and cancer

Category: Science blog May 14, 2014 16 comments

In the light of new research, we look again at the evidence on mobile phone use and brain tumours.

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‘Biggest ever’ study on mobiles still suggests no cancer risk

Category: Science blog October 20, 2011 4 comments

A new Danish study of over 350,000 people, published in the BMJ , has found no link between using mobile…

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Podcast: New drugs, lung cancer surgery and mobile phones

Category: Science blog June 24, 2011 Comments are closed

In this month’s podcast we bring you highlights from the ASCO conference – the world’s largest cancer conference, including two…

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World Health Organisation verdict on mobile phones and cancer

Category: Science blog May 31, 2011 34 comments

UPDATE 20/10/11: Today’s announcement is discussed here Do mobile phones cause cancer? The debate has been raging for years, and we’ve…

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Our ‘cancer controversies’ pages – a one-stop myth-busting shop

Category: Science blog November 24, 2010 Comments are closed

It seems that not a week goes by without a mention in the media or the internet of something that…

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No link between childhood cancer and mobile phone base stations or masts

Category: Science blog June 23, 2010 6 comments

Mobile phone base stations do not increase the risk of childhood cancer, even if a child’s mother lived close to…

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Breast cancer genes and mobile phones in this month’s podcast

Category: Science blog June 7, 2010 Comments are closed

In this month’s podcast we find out how older women can benefit from breast screening, and hear about the latest…

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