Together we will beat cancer


The contraceptive Pill and cancer – a look behind today’s headlines

We take a brief look at what today’s study really shows about higher oestrogen Pills, and the bigger picture of the Pill and cancer risk

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The causes of cancer you can control

Can cancer be prevented? Decades of research have shown that a person’s chances of getting cancer depends on a mishmash…

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The Pill and prostate cancer

This morning we woke up to headlines proclaiming that women taking the Pill could increase the risk of… prostate cancer….

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The Pill, pregnancy and cancer – making sense of the headlines

Are all ‘side effects’ bad for your health? In the case of the birth control Pill, it seems not. Today,…

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Why are breast cancer rates increasing?

Although more and more women are surviving, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and it has been on the rise for several years.

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Oestrogen causes DNA mutations – is this how it fuels cancer?

The evidence that the sex hormone oestrogen is involved in cancer is overwhelming. For example, breast cancer is more common…

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