Together we will beat cancer


Bowel cancer – 40 years of progress but early detection is key

Spotting cancer early can save lives. Over the last nine weeks, the Department of Health has been running a campaign…

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Tracking down the BRCA genes (Part 2)

This entry is part 10 of 30 in the series Our milestones

Our scientists discovered the second breast cancer gene, BRCA2 – we discuss how they made the finding and what this means for cancer patients.

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The Pill, pregnancy and cancer – making sense of the headlines

Are all ‘side effects’ bad for your health? In the case of the birth control Pill, it seems not. Today,…

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Shutting down cells’ ‘back-up generator’ to beat kidney cancer

As well as the ingenuity, dedication and skill of their staff, modern hospitals can’t function properly without a reliable electricity…

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New ovarian cancer gene is a significant step forward

Today, Cancer Research UK-funded scientists led by Professor Nazneen Rahman at The Institute of Cancer Research announced a major step…

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Understanding triple negative breast cancer – 53BP1 and the BRCA1 connection

Over the years, Cancer Research UK has helped transform breast cancer treatment – now 8 out of 10 women survive…

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Scientists inch closer to personal risk prediction – for some

A person’s risk of developing cancer at some point in their life depends on many things, the most obvious of…

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Scientists prove leukaemia can pass from mother to child – but it’s extremely rare

One of the stories in the news today is the scientific proof that some cancers can, in some circumstances, spread…

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Bowel cancer: screening for people at high risk

Detecting cancer early is the key to saving lives. In the case of bowel cancer, around eight out of ten…

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