Together we will beat cancer


Targeting cancer’s self-defence mechanisms

We often talk about cancer as being a disease caused by mistakes in DNA – the genetic instructions inside all our cells that tell them to make molecules such as proteins. And faulty genes do indeed cause cells to grow out of control, leading to cancer. But it isn’t just the sequence of the DNA that matters, but also how it’s used that’s important.

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Two years on for our pioneering TRACERx lung cancer study

Two years ago we launched a pioneering £15m lung cancer study. Find out what’s happened since, through the eyes of Terrence, a patient taking part.

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Fishing for clues – how ‘liquid biopsies’ are uncovering cancer’s secrets

Find out how our researchers in Manchester are fishing in blood samples for clues to how lung cancer becomes resistant to treatment

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The Manchester Cancer Research Centre – ‘A real powerhouse for cancer research’

We caught up with Professor Nic Jones, director of the new Manchester Cancer Research Centre, to hear why he’s so excited about the new building

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