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News digest – obesity projections, immunotherapy trials, Vitamin D and cancer ‘cure’ documentaries

Category: Science blog June 8, 2019 4 comments

In the news this week: The low-down from the world’s largest cancer conference and the dangerous documentaries spreading misinformation about cancer.

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News digest – ultra-processed food, liquid gel spacer, night shift work and how breast cancer spreads 

Category: Science blog June 1, 2019 1 comment

In the news this week: no link found between night shift work and breast cancer and a liquid gel spacer could help reduce effects of radiotherapy on prostate cancer patients.

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News digest – artificial intelligence, e-cigarettes, cancer screening and animal ‘avatars’

Category: Science blog May 25, 2019 5 comments

In the news this week: a review into UK cancer screening highlights outdated NHS IT systems and scientists develop AI to detect early stage lung cancer.

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News digest – bowel cancer rates, brain tumour ‘pink drink’, cigarette displays and chewing gum

Category: Science blog May 18, 2019 3 comments

In the news this week: bowel cancer rates in younger people is on the rise and fewer children smoke thanks to cigarette display bans in shops.

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News digest – NHS staff shortages, HPV vaccine in Rwanda, prostate cancer guidelines and sunscreen chemicals

Category: Science blog May 11, 2019 5 comments

In the news this week: Can the HPV vaccination help reduce cervical cancer in Rwanda? And shining a light on sunscreen.

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News digest – obesity research, HPV detection in urine, breast cancer treatment test and diet

Category: Science blog May 4, 2019 3 comments

In the news this week: a urine test for cervical cancer screening? And more insight into obesity in the UK.

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News digest – lung cancer in non-smokers, targeted clinical trials, pancreatic cancer ‘chatter’ and immigration

Category: Science blog April 27, 2019 17 comments

In the news this week: Lung cancer in never-smokers is on the rise and reading tumour DNA could match patients to early stage clinical trials.

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News digest – red and processed meat, DNA ‘fingerprints’, targeted leukaemia drugs and CRISPR

Category: Science blog April 19, 2019 4 comments

In the news this week: even moderation consumption of red and processed meat can increase bowel cancer risk.

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News digest – cancer ‘vaccine factories’, cataloguing DNA weaknesses, NHS drug decisions and cancer sniffing canines

Category: Science blog April 13, 2019 2 comments

In this week’s news: scientists use CRISPR to catalogue cancer’s weaknesses and researchers train cancer sniffing canines.

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News digest – HPV vaccine, global diets and NHS drug decisions

Category: Science blog April 6, 2019 2 comments

In this week’s news: positive results from the HPV vaccination programme in Scotland and new research looks at the areas of our face we might miss when applying sunscreen.

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