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Dr Giles Maskell: ‘waiting a month or more for scan results is shocking’

President of the Royal College of Radiologists, Dr Giles Maskell, shares his reaction to our new report on medical imaging services.

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To Test Cancer Sooner, we need the Government to invest in the NHS

Find out why we’re campaigning for the Government to invest more in diagnosing cancer earlier – and sign our petition to make sure our voice is heard.

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Crowdfunding cancer research – our latest experiment and how you can help

We’ve launched three exciting crowdfunding projects with our researchers. Will they receive the money they need? Only you can decide.

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A chemical ‘breadcrumb trail’ helps melanoma spread

Our scientists have found that melanoma cells follow the ‘trail’ of a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, encouraging them to spread.

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How a microscopic ‘pump’ could get drugs into cancer cells

We explore a new US study that could be used to help spot where tumours are in the body and deliver drugs to cancer cells more efficiently.

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Science Snaps: what can fluorescent fish teach us about skin cancer?

This entry is part 7 of 27 in the series Science Snaps

We explore some images and video from a new study revealing how groups of melanoma cells may work together to spread around the body.

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Making breast screening more accurate

New research on a couple of specialised imaging techniques could improve breast cancer screening in the future.

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Science Snaps: how skin cancer spreads – the round or flat of it

This entry is part 6 of 27 in the series Science Snaps

With an image hot off the microscope, we look at how shape-shifting melanoma cells deploy different groups of enzymes to help them spread.

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Fascin-ating insights into how pancreatic cancer spreads

A team of our scientists have discovered how a key protein called fascin could help pancreatic cancer spread – we explore their findings

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Science Snaps: designer drugs

This entry is part 5 of 27 in the series Science Snaps

In the latest instalment of Science Snaps we explore some science illustration and research looking at targeted cancer treatments.

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