Together we will beat cancer


Being physically active can help reduce the risk of womb cancer

Keeping active is great for your health. It keeps excess fat at bay, gives you a rush of mood-enhancing endorphins,…

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Improving chemo for childhood cancer, and exploring the links between diet and cancer in this month’s podcast

This month we hear about the good news that underpins our new advertising campaign, in the form of impressive leaps…

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Hitting cancer’s Achilles’ heel

New research from Professor Alan Ashworth, who has already been involved in the exploitation of one Achilles’ heel, reveals another for us to target.

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Oestrogen causes DNA mutations – is this how it fuels cancer?

The evidence that the sex hormone oestrogen is involved in cancer is overwhelming. For example, breast cancer is more common…

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Listen to our new podcast

In July’s podcast we hear about new clinical trials for treating prostate cancer and preventing womb cancer, discover how Cancer…

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