Together we will beat cancer


Building an artificial tumour in the lab

In 2000, a team of archaeologists in the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes uncovered the mummified remains of a young…

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Watching cancers evolve using ‘liquid biopsies’

Tumours release DNA into the bloodstream, and scientists have been investigating whether this could offer clues about a cancer – take a look at what they found.

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Gene variations and cancer risk – more results, more answers and more questions

A thousand scientists from one hundred international research groups working over four years. Thirteen papers spread across five journals. DNA…

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Treating late-stage ovarian cancer – why does the UK do so badly?

One of the most important facts about cancer, which seems so obvious that repeating it again is almost banal, is…

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Cancer death rates continue to fall

Today our stats team has published new data, forecasting that the proportion of people who die from cancer will continue…

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Could a blood test reveal cancer’s genetic secrets?

Over recent months we’ve written about exciting new research looking at how the genetic makeup of an individual patient’s cancer…

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Tracking down the BRCA genes (Part 2)

This entry is part 10 of 30 in the series Our milestones

Our scientists discovered the second breast cancer gene, BRCA2 – we discuss how they made the finding and what this means for cancer patients.

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Tracking down the BRCA genes (Part 1)

This entry is part 9 of 30 in the series Our milestones

We look at our role in the discovery of the famous “cancer gene” BRCA1, responsible for many cases of hereditary breast and other cancers.

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News digest – children who smoke, pancreatic cancer, abiraterone in Wales, and more

Here are the cancer stories that caught our eye this week. Click on links to read more in-depth coverage. Think…

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News digest: Tasmanian devils, smoking bans, internet health info, and more

As ever, we’ve trawled the web for the week’s most interesting and important cancer research news. Click on the links…

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