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Virtual reality and precision diagnosis among shortlist for our Grand Challenge

This entry is part 10 of 26 in the series Cancer Grand Challenges

Find out the details of the nine ideas that could answer one of our Grand Challenges in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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The cheek of it – how you could help beat blood cancer

Find out about blood stem cell donation, how you could get involved and even help save someone’s life

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Could measles cure cancer? Uh, not exactly…

Media outlets are awash with the news that researchers in the US have apparently cured cancer with the measles virus. What are the facts behind the headlines?

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Notes from NCRI conference (day 4)

Before the final day of the conference started, we once again awoke to news stories based on research presented over…

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Introducing our new Clinician Scientist Fellows

Translating a ‘eureka’ moment in the laboratory into new medical advances for cancer patients is never easy. But thanks to…

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Misleading reporting of the “wonder jab that will kill 90% of cancers”

Over the weekend you may have seen headlines announcing that a “‘Universal’ cancer vaccine” or “wonder jab” has been developed…

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Is ecstasy ‘being developed to treat blood cancers’? Not quite…

Here are a few thoughts on this morning’s headlines about ecstasy and cancer. (In case you missed them, they’re based…

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Making research count for patients – the multiple myeloma story

This year at the ASCO conference in the US, several sessions reflected on the rapid progress that has been made…

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