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‘We’re not playing God’ – an interview with NICE chairman Professor Michael Rawlins

Category: Science blog March 7, 2011 Comments are closed

Last month, we asked you to send in questions for us to ask Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, the chairman of…

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The government’s new cancer strategy

Category: Science blog January 12, 2011 Comments are closed

The coalition government today published a new cancer plan – Improving Outcomes – A Strategy for Cancer – in which…

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Our online forum Cancer Chat has relaunched

Category: Science blog November 30, 2010 3 comments

Cancer Research UK’s interactive discussion forum, Cancer Chat, has just relaunched, bringing a whole host of new interactive features to…

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NCRI Cancer Conference 2009: Cancer Tales – a review

Category: Science blog October 5, 2009 Comments are closed

Being told you have cancer can be devastating. But despite being given extensive training in how to communicate a diagnosis…

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Listen to the November podcast

Category: Science blog November 5, 2008 Comments are closed

This month’s podcast is packed with highlights from the National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference – the biggest of its…

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NCRI Sunday lectures – bookmarks, blood vessels, dignity, and the real cause of breast cancer

Category: Science blog October 6, 2008 Comments are closed

Sunday afternoon at the NCRI conference was packed with talks from some of the world’s leading cancer experts. Kat’s already…

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Listen to our new podcast

Category: Science blog July 3, 2008 Comments are closed

In July’s podcast we hear about new clinical trials for treating prostate cancer and preventing womb cancer, discover how Cancer…

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Using breast cancer genes to improve screening

Category: Science blog June 26, 2008 3 comments

We’ve blogged before about the discovery of new prostate cancer genes. And indeed, gene-hunting is such an exciting and busy…

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More than just a number – the National Cancer Intelligence Network

Category: Science blog June 18, 2008 Comments are closed

Every single person with cancer has an individual experience and a story to tell but, statistically speaking, one is not…

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PM announces NHS shift towards screening

Category: Science blog January 9, 2008 Comments are closed

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced this week that the NHS will invest much more time and money in screening…

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