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News digest – transforming clinical trials, AI and brain surgery, vaping and breast cancer genetics

In the news this week: our scientists want to transform the way clinical trials are run and 191 genes are linked to breast cancer development in new research.

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News digest – breast screening AI, NHS waiting times, brain tumour scans and ‘prehab’

In the news this week: AI software is just as good as a radiologist at spotting breast cancer in screening images.

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Artificial intelligence could help breast screening save more lives

We’ve helped Google Health with AI research which has the potential to improve breast cancer screening and save the NHS time and money.

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News digest – prostate cancer MRI trial, drug delivery, cancer ‘cures’ on Facebook and weight loss

In the news this week: WHO approves a cheap copy of a common breast cancer drug that could save the lives of women in low income countries.

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Our biggest cancer news stories of 2019

We look back at the top cancer news stories of 2019, including the first trial of a cancer breath test and a new international collaboration to understand how the bacteria in our gut help cancer grow.

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News digest – NHS drug decisions, leukaemia treatment trials and long term anastrozole benefits

In the news this week: breast cancer drug combo made more widely available on the NHS and the long term benefits of anastrozole are revealed.

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News digest – NHS avoidable delays, sugary festive drinks, hair dye and mistletoe

In the news this week: our stats show 1 in 4 people are experience avoidable delays for their cancer diagnosis and festive hot drinks are loaded with sugar.

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Blood tests: using blood to detect cancer early

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Detecting cancer early

The idea of taking a small vial of blood and being able to detect cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages is an attractive one.

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News digest – heart health risks, immunotherapy trials, prostate cancer urine test and living with cancer

In the news this week: new estimates suggest there are now nearly 3 million people in the UK living with cancer and some promising immunotherapy trial results.

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Poo tests: looking for cancer clues in poo

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Detecting cancer early

Poo is an important source of clues when it comes to detecting bowel cancer early. We chat to some of our researchers who are using poo to understand more about what’s going on in the gut.

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