Together we will beat cancer


British Science Week 2020: how different approaches are helping us beat cancer

To celebrate British Science Week 2020, we spoke to 3 researchers with vastly different science experience.

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News digest – preventable cancers, nurse shortages, vaping and cancer’s ‘spare tyre’

Maintaining a healthy diet and not smoking are some of the main lifestyle changes that could mean 400 fewer cancer cases are diagnosed each day.

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Evolution, sex and TRACERx: how cancer’s ‘spare tyre’ helps it survive  

New research reveals how some cancer cells double their genome to help them survive. Find out more about cancer’s ‘spare tyre’.

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Science Surgery: ‘Are benign tumours different from cancerous tumours?’

This entry is part 21 of 21 in the series Science Surgery

We chat to neurosurgeon Dr Stuart Smith about the differences between benign and cancerous tumours, and how the word ‘benign’ can often be misleading.

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News digest – smoke-free 2030, electronic noses, ovarian cancer and the microbiome

Last year, the Government set a target to make England tobacco-free by 2030, but new figures reveal we’re 7 years behind.

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Tracing the toxic fingerprint of a bacterium in our gut 

This entry is part 22 of 22 in the series Grand Challenge

Our Grand Challenge scientists have discovered that a common type of bacteria found in our guts could contribute to bowel cancer.

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Opinion: ‘Widening health inequalities in England should be a wake-up call for the Government’

Life expectancy has failed to increase for a decade across England for the first time in 100 years. And cuts to stop smoking services are part of the problem.

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News digest – statins, cellular communication, new fertility technique and vaping

In the news this week: statins may reduce risk of ovarian cancer and scientists reveal how cancer cells communicate.

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The making of a living ovarian cancer biobank

Our scientists are growing a living ovarian cancer biobank in Manchester.

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News digest – robot surgery, cancer information, drug decisions and prebiotics

In the news this week: A survey has revealed a third of cancer patients fail to receive vital information and robots are used in breast cancer surgery.

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