Together we will beat cancer


News digest – breast screening AI, NHS waiting times, brain tumour scans and ‘prehab’

In the news this week: AI software is just as good as a radiologist at spotting breast cancer in screening images.

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News digest – prostate cancer MRI trial, drug delivery, cancer ‘cures’ on Facebook and weight loss

In the news this week: WHO approves a cheap copy of a common breast cancer drug that could save the lives of women in low income countries.

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News digest – heart health risks, immunotherapy trials, prostate cancer urine test and living with cancer

In the news this week: new estimates suggest there are now nearly 3 million people in the UK living with cancer and some promising immunotherapy trial results.

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News digest – transforming radiotherapy research, ‘DIY’ cervical screening tests, exercise and UK General Election

In the news this week: we pledge £56 million to revolutionise radiotherapy research and new study adds to evidence that gut bacteria might be behind some bowel cancers.

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News digest – liver cancer death rates, snacking culture, barriers to screening and fact checking NHS claims

In the news this week: liver cancer death rates are on the rise and we learn more about the biology of prostate cancer.

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News digest – detecting ‘undetectable’ cancer, Britain’s Got Talent junk food ads, childhood brain tumour treatment and museum exhibit flags cancer

In the news this week: we set out bold ambitions to detect cancer earlier and a museum’s thermal imaging exhibit flags a woman’s breast cancer.

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