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Oliver studied Natural Sciences at Bath University. He spent several years working in science publishing in various editorial roles, including as Copy Editor of Nature Reviews Cancer. He’s also worked as a freelance medical and healthcare copywriter. Oliver worked in Cancer Research UK’s News and Multimedia team between 2009 and 20014, helping to manage the charity’s blog and news feed.

Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked

Category: Science blog March 24, 2014 378 comments

From ‘superfoods’ to sharks, we set the record straight on 10 common myths about cancer.

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News digest – lung cancer rise, ancient cancer case, #nomakeupselfie craze and more

Category: Science blog March 22, 2014 3 comments

Lung cancer rates have risen by three quarters in women over the last 40 years, while halving in men over…

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Download our revolutionary mobile game to help speed up cancer research

Category: Science blog February 4, 2014 112 comments

Read about Genes in Space, a unique and enjoyable game that could help our scientists identify the DNA faults that lead to cancer.

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Headlines about a mole rat derived ‘cancer cure’ are premature

Category: Science blog January 16, 2014 9 comments

Research on mole rats and why they resist cancer is interesting, but doesn’t justify some of today’s overblown headlines.

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We’ve joined forces with Wikipedia to improve cancer information

Category: Science blog January 16, 2014 2 comments

Read about our ambitious plans to improve cancer information on Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most visited website.

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Britain Against Cancer: improving research in the NHS

Category: Science blog December 19, 2013 Comments are closed

The annual Britain Against Cancer conference offers a great chance to hear from the key people in healthcare, in a guest post we hear what happened on the day.

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News digest – research at risk, cancer stem cells, European survival differences and more

Category: Science blog December 7, 2013 Comments are closed

We’re concerned about the potentially devastating effects of new EU legislation on our ability to carry out life-saving research. Our…

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Highlights from the NCRI conference (day 4)

Category: Science blog November 6, 2013 4 comments

We explore the highlights from the final day of the 2013 NCRI cancer conference, including cancer care, immunotherapy and how cells move.

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Highlights from the NCRI conference (day 3)

Category: Science blog November 5, 2013 1 comment

From the molecular toolkits that protect our DNA to the evolution of tumours, we give our highlights from day three of the 2013 NCRI cancer conference.

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Highlights from the NCRI conference (day 2)

Category: Science blog November 4, 2013 Comments are closed

On day two of the 2013 NCRI cancer conference we select our highlights, including cancer and the immune system, imaging tumours and childhood cancer.

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