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Katie studied biochemistry at the University of Oxford, before joining a lab to investigate why the immune system can’t control HIV. She then worked in science communication for the MS Society and joined Cancer Research UK’s News and Content team in 2017, where she writes for and edits the blog and news feed.

Testing for COVID-19 coronavirus at the Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute’s lab facilities have been temporarily transformed into a COVID-19 testing facility, to help combat the spread of infection.

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Coronavirus and cancer – latest updates

We’re pulling together the latest government and NHS health updates concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and cancer.

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Science Surgery: ‘How do cancer cells remain dormant for many years?’

This entry is part 19 of 21 in the series Science Surgery

It can be strange to think of cancer cells not dividing, but sleeping cancer cells could help to explain why some cancers come back after treatment.

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News digest – breast cancer survival, melanoma immunotherapy, red meat and cigarette warnings 

In the news this week: record numbers of people beating breast cancer and long-term benefits of melanoma immunotherapy revealed.

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News digest – ‘sugar tax’ success, Scottish drug decisions, smoking rates and an ‘electronic nose’

In the news this week: an ‘electronic nose’ could help predict who may benefit from lung cancer immunotherapy.

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NHS diaries: ‘It’s like Groundhog Day, we just wait for the phone to ring’  

Waiting to hear if you have cancer, or if your cancer has come back, can be an extremely stressful time – especially if the results take weeks to come back.

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News digest – aspirin, breast cancer blood test, Boris Johnson’s NHS plans and bowel cancer rates in young people 

NICE makes draft recommendation on daily aspirin for people with Lynch syndrome to reduce bowel cancer risk and blood test could detect breast cancer relapse.

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News digest – obesity, drug decisions, NHS waiting times and a cancer killing virus

In the news this week: obesity responsible for more cases of some cancers than smoking and a trio of NHS drug decisions.

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Science Surgery: ‘How is skin cancer related to sun exposure?’

This entry is part 15 of 21 in the series Science Surgery

For almost all skin cancers, the environmental carcinogen is sunlight, according to Professor Richard Marais. Here’s how scientists uncovered the link.

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News digest – NHS waiting times, prostate cancer scans, drug decisions and gut bacteria

In the news this week: NHS waiting times for cancer treatment ‘continue to spiral downwards’.

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