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Gabi studied cellular and molecular medicine at the University of Bristol, focusing on cancer biology and immunology. After a stint at a diagnostics lab in Madagascar she completed a Master’s in science communication at Imperial College London. She joined the News and Content team at Cancer Research UK in 2016, where she spends her days blogging as well as making science films and animations.

News digest – cancer stem cells, breast screening, liquid biopsies and vaping in teens

Category: Science blog March 2, 2019 3 comments

In this week’s news: breast screening rates in the UK fall to the lowest in 10 years and a new report looks at vaping in young people.

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Science Surgery: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’

Category: Science blog February 28, 2019 9 comments

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Science Surgery

In this Science Surgery post Millie asks: ‘Why doesn’t the immune system attack cancer cells?’ The short answer is it does! But sometimes it needs a helping hand from exciting new treatments.

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News digest – HPV stigma, ultra-processed foods, ‘simple’ cancer blood test and why measles isn’t a cancer cure

Category: Science blog February 16, 2019 2 comments

In this week’s news: survey reveals misconceptions around HPV and a prominent American figure wrongly suggests measles cures cancer.

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News digest – vaping as a stop-smoking aid, an NHS first, cervical screening samples and why cancer won’t be ‘cured in a year’

Category: Science blog February 2, 2019 2 comments

In this week’s news: vaping as a stop smoking tool and why a ‘cancer cure in a year’ is unlikely.

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News digest – breast cancer risk calculator, ‘flexitarian’ diets, shape-shifting cancer cells and till receipts

Category: Science blog January 19, 2019 1 comment

In the news this week: our scientists have made a calculator that predicts breast cancer risk and teenage cancer survival continues to rise.

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News digest – a cancer breath test, tumour VR, lab culture and 2019 predictions

Category: Science blog January 5, 2019 0 comments

In the news this week: A clinical trial for a breath test that might detect cancer launches and children are eating too many sugary foods.

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A breath test with the goal of detecting multiple cancers is ready to start trials

Category: Science blog January 3, 2019 58 comments

The first clinical trial testing Owlstone’s Breath Biopsy® technology on a range of cancer types is now open.

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Our top researchers share their ambitions for 2019

Category: Science blog January 2, 2019 52 comments

We asked some of our top researchers to share their personal ambitions for 2019 and the key trends that they hope to see emerge in their field.

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Our 5 biggest cancer research stories from 2018

Category: Science blog December 17, 2018 13 comments

This year we’ve taken important steps towards tackling the most aggressive cancers and making treatments kinder for kids, all thanks to your generous donations.

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News digest – lung cancer screening study, 100,000 genomes sequenced, NHS proton beam therapy and a ‘universal cancer blood test’

Category: Science blog December 8, 2018 Comments are closed

In this week’s news: why a ‘universal cancer test’ is not yet ready for patients and the UK’s largest ever lung cancer screening study will open next year.

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