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Ethan studied biology at the University of Bristol, before completing a master’s degree in Science Media Production at Imperial College London. He joined Cancer Research UK’s News and Content team in 2018, where he writes for the science blog, and films content for CRUK’s social media channels.

News digest – cancer survival comparisons, NHS nurse shortages, antibiotics and chicken?

In the news this week: cancer survival in the UK is increasing, despite having the lowest rate compared to other high-income countries.

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News digest – HRT and breast cancer risk, a billion fewer cigarettes and misunderstanding around HPV

In the news this week: hormone replacement therapy has been linked to breast cancer risk even a decade after use.

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Science Surgery: ‘Why do some cancer treatments stop working after so long?’

This entry is part 17 of 17 in the series Science Surgery

Cancer treatments can work in lots of different ways, aiming to kill tumour cells or keep them under control. Ideally they cause tumours to shrink, but they can also be considered successful if they stop tumours growing. But unfortunately, the effects don’t always last forever.

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News digest – early diagnosis, fighting talk, bladder cancer deaths, and a poem on a pill

There has been an overall increase in early stage cancer detection in Scotland and Simon Armitage has engraved his latest poem on a cancer pill.

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News digest – smokefree 2030, NICE decision, proton beam therapy and CAR T cell boost in mice

In the news this week: The government sets a smokefree target of 2030 for England and can eating fish reduce your risk of bowel cancer?

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Science Snaps: seeing the effects of proteins we know nothing about

This entry is part 26 of 27 in the series Science Snaps

Anh Hoang Le, a PhD student at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute in Glasgow, studies two proteins that we know curiously little about: CYRI-A and CYRI-B.

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News digest – brain tumour awards, CAR T cell therapy, NHS ‘fast-tracking’ drugs and NICE decisions

In the news this week: new CAR T cell therapy available on the NHS and our Brain Tumour awards provides funding for three new teams.

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News digest – ultra-processed food, liquid gel spacer, night shift work and how breast cancer spreads 

In the news this week: no link found between night shift work and breast cancer and a liquid gel spacer could help reduce effects of radiotherapy on prostate cancer patients.

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News digest – NHS staff shortages, HPV vaccine in Rwanda, prostate cancer guidelines and sunscreen chemicals

In the news this week: Can the HPV vaccination help reduce cervical cancer in Rwanda? And shining a light on sunscreen.

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News digest – HPV vaccine, global diets and NHS drug decisions

In this week’s news: positive results from the HPV vaccination programme in Scotland and new research looks at the areas of our face we might miss when applying sunscreen.

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