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Catherine studied anatomical science at the University of Bristol before heading to London. She completed her PhD in Immunology at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, tracking the movement of immune cells. She joined the Science Communications team at Cancer Research UK in 2016, where she works to help communicate the charity’s research to the public.

Cancer living outside the body, unravelling a cellular mystery and targeting ‘sleeping’ cancer cells: our latest cutting-edge science projects

Our rapid turn-around funding scheme aims to fund high-risk research that we wouldn’t normally fund.

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PARG inhibitors: tipping the scales with a new experimental drug

Our scientists are developing a new experimental drug to target how cancer cells repair their DNA, and upset cancer’s balance.

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News digest – Nose swabs, ups and downs for engineered immune cells, ‘grab and go’ food and… ‘sticky’ cells?

Nose swabs, ups and downs for engineered immune cells, ‘grab and go’ food and can the ‘stickiness’ of cancer cells predict if they’ll spread?

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News Digest – live from inside the human body, a DNA-analysing smartphone attachment, a ‘huge leap’ in prostate cancer testing and… ‘Know your Lemons’?

We were live from inside the human body, how a smartphone attachment can analyse DNA and… why you should ‘Know your Lemons’

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Meet the scientists tackling brain tumours, investigating a cancer ‘master switch’ and much more

Meet our new leaders, who are spearheading research to tackle some of the biggest questions we need to answer to help more people survive cancer.

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Piecing together breast cancers’ immune cell composition

Our scientists are looking at immune cells in breast cancer in greater detail than ever before.

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News digest – cancer cells’ ‘safety catch’, a smartphone cancer app for doctors, lung cancer blood tests and… chocolate?

Cancer cells’ ‘safety catch’, a smartphone cancer app for doctors, blood tests and… chocolate?

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Seeing past cancer’s invisibility cloak

Find out how our researchers are trying to reveal cancer cells for what they really are. All with the help of Stand Up To Cancer.

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Meet our new research fellows 2016

Find out how our new up and coming researchers plan to tackle some of the big scientific questions in cancer.

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