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Alex completed a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Bath where he developed prediction algorithms to target cancer pathways in cells. After that, he spent time working on science radio & podcasts for the BBC. He joined Cancer Research UK’s News and Content team in 2020, where he writes for the science blog.

Coronavirus reports – Part 2: “We’re ahead when it comes to isolation”

We caught up with people living with cancer across the country, to find out how isolation due to the pandemic has been affecting them and their families.

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COVID-19: Fighting viruses with viruses

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series COVID-19 research

Dr Alan Parker’s team in Cardiff are engineering viruses to help develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

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News digest – cancer blood test, urine nanoparticles, COVID-19 testing and 3D printing brains

Scientists are using a 3D printed brain to study how glioblastoma respond to treatment.

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News digest – screening switch, genetic testing, cigarette packaging and coronavirus updates

Scientists are developing a new drug that combines chemotherapy and light therapy.

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