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Jonny, on Twitter, asked: “I read a cure for cancer will never be found so more time should be researched into controlling it instead. How true is this?”

A cure for cancer is understandably at the top of many people’s wish lists, and whether one will ever be found is something we’re often asked.

Answering this question isn’t a simple case of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, because it depends on the way that the term ‘cancer’ is defined. The word ‘cancer’ is singular, but it reflects more than just one disease. It should actually be viewed as an umbrella term for a collection of hundreds of different diseases. They all share the fundamental characteristic of rogue cells growing out of control, but each type of cancer, and each person’s individual cancer, is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

That’s why it’s very unlikely that there will be one single cure that can wipe out all cancers. But, as we explain in the short animation below, that doesn’t mean individual cases of cancer can’t be cured. Many cancers in fact already can be. Testicular cancer for instance is very sensitive to treatment with chemotherapy drugs and most cases can be cured – survival today is as high as 98%, and that’s just one example among many.

  • Find out more in our video here.

Researchers aren’t on the hunt for a silver bullet against all cancers. Quite the opposite. The more scientists get to know each type of cancer inside and out, the greater the chance of finding new ways to tackle these diseases so that more people can survive.

That’s why our life-saving research goes on.


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maris March 19, 2018


gennie March 15, 2018

Oh there is a cure. But they will never make it available. Imagine how any people it would put out of business. Big Pharma, oncologists, radiographers, nurses, people who work at places like Susan G. Komen, etc etc. The list go on. Trust me, it will never be available.

ariel March 14, 2018

What is so hard about hearing that there is a cure, but that it would be bad for business to release that information, is that not all of us are going to be called into the field of medicine and/or research in our lives, so it’s technically up to those WHO ARE to find cures of some kind.. so the thought of someone choosing which cancers they want to cure and those they don’t is biased, unfair, and sick. To be honest, I don’t know whether to believe there is a cure for all cancers or not, but if there is, and if the reason that those people aren’t releasing that information has to do with greed.. may God punish them forever, because people are forever losing the ones they love to these diseases every single day. Maybe we deserve it, being the sinners that we are, but medicine is discovered for a reason – by the Grace of God; and it is His to give, not ours to hide.

Penis+Vagina March 8, 2018

Cancer is fake

tito March 6, 2018

The government has a cure but they keep it a secret because there rats

Pam Waring March 2, 2018

60+ years . research and all they still over us is the good old killer chemo !…dressed up.

Pam Waring March 2, 2018

Spend less money on nurses chatting about it ,put those nurses to better use .!

Pam Waring March 2, 2018

Just read several other comments .seems other people to are getting feed up of ‘ reseach’ not to mention loosing faith in it ,also people working so hard to earn money for reseach.

Pam Waring March 2, 2018

I’m sick of reading article ….’may’ ‘ might’ ect cure cancer……I remember as a child doing a sponsored walk at school for money for cancer reseach, that must nearly 60 years ago.60 years ago ! Think some people just have good jobs in reseach !

Aj February 10, 2018

Is true cancer can be cured but the funding is to dear