Together we will beat cancer


A warm welcome to our new research fellows

A new arrival is an exciting time for any family. But rather than the patter of tiny feet, we’re welcoming the fully-grown footsteps of our latest additions.

We’ve just welcomed 16 new doctors and lab scientists into our family of outstanding researchers. These pioneering newcomers are on the early rungs of their scientific careers, and we can’t wait to see the exceptional contributions they’ll be making to their fields in the coming years.

The hunt for these bright young minds began last year, when we received over 120 funding applications to review. After much deliberation, our expert panel settled on the final 16 this month.

Between them they’re tackling some big scientific questions, like finding potential new routes to tackle brain tumours and pancreatic cancer, harnessing the power of the immune system against cancer, and how different populations of cells change during disease progression and treatment.

If you want to find out a little bit more about who they are and what they’ll be getting up to, watch the slideshow below.

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Investing in new recruits brings with it a flow of fresh new ideas and approaches. It ensures we’re funding the brightest, most talented scientists and supporting cancer research for the future.

And our new arrivals are dedicated to help us accelerate progress against cancer, bringing hope to the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients in the UK. To meet this incredible challenge, we’ve invested around £20m in funding to support their work.

We’d like to welcome them to Cancer Research UK and wish them success in their research –we’re sure we’ll be bringing you news of their achievements soon.



Nick Peel January 21, 2015

Hi Ann, thanks for your comment.
We’re really sorry to read about your problems, but it’s good to read that you are seeing a doctor. Probably the best thing to do is to keep going back to your family doctor if your problems don’t resolve or if you don’t get a full explanation of your condition.
Best wishes,
Nick, Cancer Research UK

Ann January 18, 2015

I am asking for your advice as I do not know where to go from here. I have a compromised immune system due to being on remicade for the past six years to treat my psoriasis. However, I no longer take remicade because of frequent infections. Two years ago I had multi lobar pneumonia and was hospitalized. This year I had pneumonia twice and currently have the flu. What is puzzling to me is that I have had abdominal pain (attacks) mostly at night every time I get sick to the point that Im on the floor. I did notice this last episode that when I stood up and walked around I felt much better. Do you think I have some sort of stomach cancer that started from a bacteria infection in my stomach. Why has this happened to me three times this year – October , December and January. I see a pulmonologist and have had seen another one while in the hospital and he said it was bad luck! Now I’m sick again with these stomach attacks. I am a teacher so I thought maybe it’s the kids getting me sick but I’m not so sure anymore. If you can offer any advice as to what or where I can go to figure out what’s really wrong with me I would appreciate it.

Fiona November 29, 2014

I met the wonderful Samra when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at Guy’s in 2008. Completely delightful person and gifted doctor.