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And finally

  • We may all like to be beside the seaside, but this worrying report from ITV reveals how a large number of tanning salons in Blackpool are failing safety standards and serving under-age clients. There’s sufficient evidence to show that using sunbeds causes malignant melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer – and they are not a safe way to get a tan.  Read more about sunbeds on our SunSmart pages.



Doc Mills May 12, 2014

Re: Swedish study showing that women who completely avoided the sun were twice as likely to die from any cause, including cancer.

The HIGHEST sun exposure group (ie those who “overdo” it – no healthy balance here) were 50% less likely to have died after 20 years than the lowest exposure group. And there was no difference in melanoma rates in those who used sunbeds and those who didn’t.