Together we will beat cancer


The Cancer Research UK family just got a little bigger. And we’d like to share our happy news with you.

Labour pains began a few months ago when one of our funding committees (the Training and Career Development Board) was tasked with trawling through nearly one hundred grant applications to find the UK’s brightest and most creative scientific minds.

And after four exhausting days, 12 fledgling scientists were delivered to the cancer research community – nine boys and three girls – collective weight approximately 1818lb 13oz.

Cancer Research UK and the ‘little ones’ are all doing well. The below slideshow gives some details about their work:

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Investing in new talent maintains a flow of new ideas and keeps cancer research fresh and invigorated.

Like all our researchers, our new arrivals carry the hopes of hundreds of thousands of cancer patients on their shoulders. To meet this incredible challenge – we’ve invested over £8m towards helping them, so that they can help all of us.

We’d like to welcome them to the family and we wish them success in their research.


RobbieW September 13, 2013

I wish them the best of luck.

Have you told them about your policy on e-cigs though?. Probably the biggest public health prize in a generation with the potential to almost eliminate smoking related cancers.

Do your new starts know that CRUK support a policy which is essentailly a de-facto ban.

Careful new starts, being associatsed with CRUK and their repidly diminising reputation may be harmful to your career.

Rebecca September 12, 2013

Go for it and all the best of luck you clever lot! xxx