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Yesterday was World No Tobacco Day, and there were several tobacco stories this week:

  • Ireland is to become the first EU country to ban branding on cigarette packets, following in Australia’s footsteps. Our news story and the Telegraph have more detail.
  • In a scathing article, the Lancet criticised the “deplorable absence” of any decision on standardised tobacco packaging in this year’s Queen’s speech. We too urge the UK government to respond as soon as possible and show its support for plain, standardised packs.
  • Research this week contradicted the tobacco industry, and showed that standardised tobacco packaging hasn’t caused Australian shop staff any problems in serving customers. The press release has more info.

And in other news:

  • The number of patients taking part in clinical trials in England has trebled in five years, according to the BBC.
  • Our Drug Development Office launched a trial for a potential new drug to block the energy supply of cancer cells. The Northern Echo covered the research.
  • New figures show that one quarter of cancer cases are diagnosed an early stage in Scotland.
  • This intriguing story in the Daily Telegraph suggests that children of parents who live to a ripe old age have a lower risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. In many ways this isn’t surprising, as we know that our genetic makeup can play a role in cancer risk, as well as lifestyle.  

And finally

  • Cancer researchers and clinicians from around the world are gathering in Chicago this weekend at the world’s largest cancer conference, hosted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Look out for our reports about the hot topics from the meeting next week. And you can follow the #ASCO13 hashtag on Twitter.


ellahhomes September 9, 2013

its really nice to share these views

deb June 3, 2013

The main problem in India along with cigarette smoking , is chewing tobacco . There are lot many combination is available with betel nut. This market is huge … lot of oral cancer is due to this bad habit.

maureen Price June 1, 2013

Ireland to be commended well done on such an important and hopefully life changing decision