Together we will beat cancer

Scientists and Race for Life participants

Race for Life raises money for vital research to beat cancer, but one in three participants don't send in any sponsorship money

Here’s a fun video with a serious message. Heart FM DJs Ed and Rachel went along to the Birmingham Cancer Research UK Centre to find out what our researchers are up to.

After getting “geeked up” in lab coats, gloves and goggles, the pair extract DNA from strawberries, and discover how our scientists are studying DNA from cancer cells to develop more effective treatments for the disease.

Video courtesy of Heart FM

Heart FM are our media partner for Race for Life this year, and the video also highlights the importance of fundraising to support the work of our researchers. But around one in three Race for Life participants don’t send in any sponsorship money after completing their challenge.

The entry fee for Race for Life only covers the actual costs of putting on the event, such as organising marquees and security and providing T-shirts and medals. It’s people’s sponsorship of the event that raises the money that directly funds our work to beat cancer.

So if you’re strapping on your trainers and doing Race for Life this year – or any of our thousands of other fundraising events for all the family across the UK –  don’t forget to get sponsored!



Kat Arney July 1, 2010

Thanks for your comments Niki, and good luck with your Race for Life!

Niki June 30, 2010

Really interesting to see inside a lab. I like the “Geeking up” bit :)
It’s funny, you don’t really think of a strawberry’s DNA……whatever’s useful on the road to reducing cancer!
Quite shocking that only 1 in 3 fundraisers actually send their money in.
Which reminds me, better get cracking with getting even more sponsorship – I’m doing Race for Life July 18th in Margate :)