Together we will beat cancer


Has Jade's story affected the way that people think about cancer?

We are very sad to hear of Jade’s death and our thoughts are with her family and friends at this devastating time. Every single death from cancer is a tragedy, and cervical cancer claims the lives of around a thousand women – mothers, wives, sisters and daughters – each year in the UK.

Jade’s brave, and very public, battle with an aggressive form of cervical cancer has received widespread media attention and encouraged thousands of women to seek advice about symptoms and screening.

I met Jade at our Pink Ice ball in 2007, and remember her as a vivacious and bubbly young woman. She could not have known then that her legacy would be great public service in raising awareness of the importance of cervical screening.

It is critical that young women take up their invitations for screening if we are to cut the death toll from cervical cancer. Last year, hundreds of thousands of women in the UK did not go for screening when they were invited.

Cancer Research UK is absolutely determined to reduce the number of people dying from all types of cancer. Through our ambitious 5-year strategy we aim to gain a better understanding of cancer, improve prevention and screening, diagnose cancer earlier and develop better treatments for the disease.

Together we will beat cancer.

Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK

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DannyT April 2, 2009

I’m looking at this site for a school project, and I think it’s really horrible that people post stuff like that on a article about someone dieing.


Karen Miller April 1, 2009

The news about Jade stunned me and gave me a slap of reality. My cancer started out the same as hers and if I’d have done the same as her I’d be dead now.
Luckily I’m facing it head on (although tough some days) and although still fighting it I’m still alive :-)
Condolensces to all of jades family n friends x

Clare Riley April 1, 2009

I am 30 years old and after an incomplete Colposcopy and Leep Diathermy treatment, yesterday I underwent a cold knife biopsy and got home from hospital today.

It doesnt matter to me what anybody thinks about Jade and her publicity, if she manages to save 1 other life – who cares!

Libby April 1, 2009

just wanted to give my condolences to Jades Family who must be going through a tough time at the moment, Good luck and RIP

Joe and Beth March 31, 2009

Dear Harpal

We have noted with interest that The Sun are launching a jade green flower as their “memorial” to Jade (see It costs £14.99 and £5 goes to MacMillan.

We see this as a perfect opportunity for J4J and CRUK to approach to one of their competitors (maybe The Mirror Group) with the jade ribbon idea as it offers a more visible, much more affordable (good during recession) alternative and also is not just for Jade but for all Cancer sufferers. Also, the ROI on the ribbons is much much higher and the potential money that could be generated for CRUK much greater.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss this further or if you would like us to make an initial approach.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Jane L March 29, 2009

It’s nine long years since my sister died of cervical cancer and her anniversary was on 27th March. Living with the press attention of Jade’s battle has been difficult for our family as it seemed to follow a similar path. My sister was diagnosed in the August and this evil disease took 7 long months to weaken her body to death, almost identical to Jade’s situation. My sister was 42. It’s easy for people to criticise Jade but anyone that has lost someone to Cervical Cancer will know that what you saw in the press wasn’t showing much of the suffering that she must have gone through. Please, please let us see a sharp decline in this needless disease over the next generation. Peace be with you Brigid.
RIP Jade

John Taylor March 29, 2009

My deepest sympathy to Jade’s family, because I know just what they must be going through after losing my eldest daughter,from Ovarian Cancer on 17th August 2001, leaving her husband, two daughters and one son.

Alas, I was and still am very bitter and saddened at not being allowed to participate in the 5K Race for Life, in 2002 and ever since, in memory of my daughter – with my wife, daughter, two granddaughters (who have lost their mum) togetherwith other granddaughers and female friends of the family…

When cancer affects all members of the family – male and female without discrimination, I think the 5K Race for Life should become a ‘family fun run’ What do people think?

Sadly, all male relatives of Jade; also Wendy Richards (of TV fame) and every female in the UK who have died, or will die, from The Big ‘C’ are not allowed to participate in Race for Life.

Please, let there be a more enlightened approach by Cancer Research UK – let’s have the 5K Race for Life made into a Family Fun Run, in 2010, throughout the UK – in the venues where this year’s 240 events are being held…

My deepest sympathy to everyone affected by the cancer. Let’s work together and beat The Big C together – males and females…

John Taylor