Whats out there on the web?

What's out there on the web?

Here are some interesting blog posts and web pages we’ve seen this month.

The excellent NHS Choices Behind the Headlines blog has some good posts about cancer research in the news.  This month they’ve covered an important clinical trial investigating the best way to treat prostate cancer, intriguing research into phospholipase C (a molecule that helps cancer cells to spread), and reports that having skin cancer doubles the risk of being diagnosed with other forms of the disease.   Delving into the kitchen cupboard, they also look at claims that “one cup of coffee a day could halve the risk of dangerous cancers affecting the mouth”, and discuss whether olive oil could be harbouring “tumour-killing chemicals.”

Last month, we blogged about new research showing how a simple genetic test could predict whether an individual’s breast cancer would respond to certain chemotherapy  drugs.   The Times Online carried a nice story from Mark Henderson, looking at “mix and match” treatments for personalising cancer therapy, based on the genetic makeup of a specific tumour.

And finally, we recently covered the launch of NAEDI – the National Awareness and Early Detection Initiative – aiming to improve cancer survival in the UK by detecting it sooner.   This month, Wired magazine carries a long but thorough article on the importance of early detection, which has been blogged about by Dr Len from the American Cancer Society.

Have you seen any interesting cancer-related articles online this month? Why not tell us in the comments below.


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