On the webThere’s an unimaginable amount of information about cancer on the internet.  Much of it is scientifically accurate and reliable, such as our own CancerHelp UK pages, and some of it is very bad and misleading.  Here are some interesting – and authoritative – posts we’ve spotted on other blogs recently.

The Oxford University Science Blog has an interview with Professor Thomas Helleday, from the new Cancer Research UK MRC Gray Radiation Oncology and Biology Institute, about his work on hitting cancer’s ‘Achilles’ heel’.

There are a few cancer-related posts up on the excellent NHS Choices Behind the Headlines blog.  Firstly, they discuss the reports that a cancer drug could be used to “prevent or even reverse type 1 diabetes”.  There’s also a nice explanation of the recent stories in the media, revealing that counselling might increase survival from breast cancer. And finally, there’s a post about the role that vigorous exercise, including scrubbing the floors, can play in preventing breast cancer.  We’ve also covered the links between housework and breast cancer prevention in our own Behind the Headlines pages.

Dr Len Lichtenfeld from the American Cancer Society writes a highly informative blog.  He’s recently covered the story about vitamin D failing to reduce breast cancer risk, and similar findings pointing to a lack of benefit for selenium and vitamin E in preventing prostate cancer.

Finally, there’s a handy guide to understanding the complexity of cancer – not one but hundreds of diseases – on the Denialism blog.


Disclaimer: Cancer Research UK is not responsible for the content of external websites.  This is not a specific endorsement of tthese websites by Cancer Research UK.