Together we will beat cancer


NewspapersThis article on breast cancer appeared in the Independent yesterday:

Global rise in breast cancer due to ‘Western lifestyles’

Although it treads some fairly well-worn ground, it has got some good quotes (especially from our very own Professor Valerie Beral) and is a pretty good summary of the current state-of-play.

There’s more info on breast cancer statistics and trends on the all-new ‘breast cancer key statistics‘ page on News & Resources.




Simon January 28, 2008

Thanks. That’s what I suspected, but it’s good to have it confirmed.

Simon January 28, 2008

Thanks for that, Henry. One thing that’s not mentioned in that article is the question of whether having an abortion increases the risk of breast cancer (independently of other factors, such as delayed childbearing, etc)

I know that this is a thorny issue, with much heat being generated. What’s your analysis of the current state of the scientific evidence?

Ed January 28, 2008

Our own researchers have looked at this very issue. The Cambridge-based EPIC crew published a paper on this in 2006. They said that “the findings… provide further unbiased evidence for the lack of an adverse effect of induced abortion on breast cancer risk.”

And several of our big guns including Sir Richard Doll, Sir Richard Peto, Valerie Beral and others, published a review of 53 different studies in 2004, which stated very clearly that “pregnancies that end as a spontaneous or induced abortion do not increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.”