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News digest – ‘lab-on-a-chip’, immune system hacking, prostate cancer scans and sprinting cells

Scientists are using machine learning to hunt for early signs of lung cancer in the blood.

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Pancreatic cancer cells use the same energy as sprinters’ muscles to spread

Our scientists are using hydrogels to understand more about how pancreatic cancer cells spread.

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News digest – screening switch, genetic testing, cigarette packaging and coronavirus updates

Scientists are developing a new drug that combines chemotherapy and light therapy.

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Coronavirus and cancer – latest updates

We’re pulling together the latest government and NHS health updates concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and cancer.

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Science Snaps: stopping cancer in its tracks

This entry is part 29 of 29 in the series Science Snaps

Our scientists at the Beatson Institute are using powerful microscopes to zoom in on how cancer cells move.

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News digest – microbial ‘signatures’, aspirin and liver cancer, vaping and coronavirus

Scientists have discovered it’s possible to identify some cancers by searching for microbial DNA ‘signatures’ in the blood.

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British Science Week 2020: how different approaches are helping us beat cancer

To celebrate British Science Week 2020, we spoke to 3 researchers with vastly different science experience.

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News digest – preventable cancers, nurse shortages, vaping and cancer’s ‘spare tyre’

Maintaining a healthy diet and not smoking are some of the main lifestyle changes that could mean 400 fewer cancer cases are diagnosed each day.

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Evolution, sex and TRACERx: how cancer’s ‘spare tyre’ helps it survive  

New research reveals how some cancer cells double their genome to help them survive. Find out more about cancer’s ‘spare tyre’.

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Science Surgery: ‘Are benign tumours different from cancerous tumours?’

This entry is part 21 of 21 in the series Science Surgery

We chat to neurosurgeon Dr Stuart Smith about the differences between benign and cancerous tumours, and how the word ‘benign’ can often be misleading.

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