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Science Surgery: ‘How are children’s cancers different from adult’s cancers?’

This entry is part 22 of 22 in the series Science Surgery

Understanding why children get cancer is a huge task and extremely complex. In our latest Science Surgery, we spoke with Dr Francis Mussai about the differences between children and adult’s cancers.

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Opinion: ‘Let’s not be short-sighted – the UK’s medical research charities need urgent support’

Today’s new figures, from the UK’s National Cancer Research Institute, project a devastating 24% drop in the UK’s overall cancer research spending this year, driven by a 46% fall in charity sector funding.

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The team of over 60 scientists investigating the age-old mystery of inflammation and cancer

This entry is part 24 of 24 in the series Cancer Grand Challenges

We spoke to 3 members of the global STORMing Cancer team about their work to solve the mystery of inflammation and cancer.

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News digest – calorie guidelines, reduced lung cancer referrals and COVID-19’s impact on cancer services

Six months after the UK entered lockdown, we now have a clearer picture of how COVID-19 has affected cancer services.

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More diversity is needed in patient information and campaigns

We spoke to Siobhan, Nikki and Jessica about their experiences of childhood cancer.

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What’s happened to cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Six months since lockdown, we’ve got a much clearer picture how cancer services were affected, and how well they’re recovering.

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News digest – larger waistlines and prostate cancer, GP gut instincts and bee venom

New research suggests that men with larger waistlines may be more likely to die from prostate cancer.

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The changing landscape of children’s cancer treatment

We spoke to Professor Lou Chesler and Dr Lynley Marshall about the innovative studies that are aiming to make children’s cancer treatment more tailored.

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Grandparents of children with cancer: “I would never want to go through it again”

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we spoke to 3 grandparents about their experience of having a grandchild with cancer.

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News digest – skin cancer deaths, Public Health England plans and ‘one-shot’ radiotherapy

The latest figures on skin cancer deaths reveal a 150% rise in skin cancer deaths since the 1970’s

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