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Targeting cancer’s self-defence mechanisms

Category: Science blog September 16, 2015

We often talk about cancer as being a disease caused by mistakes in DNA – the genetic instructions inside all our cells that tell them to make molecules such ...

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Too good to be true? A blood test ‘to predict breast cancer’

Category: Science blog June 27, 2014

We look at the science behind media stories about a ‘simple blood test’ that apparently can ‘predict breast cancer’.

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Reading the code: Professor Tony Kouzarides

Category: Science blog October 25, 2013

The lab of Cancer Research UK scientist Professor Tony Kouzarides focuses on how genes get turned on and off – we explore his work and how it links to cancer.

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A new age of cancer classification and treatment

Category: Science blog October 15, 2013

Large-scale studies from across the globe are providing genetic clues that link different tumours – but what does this mean for how we define and treat cancer?

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New breast cancer ‘blood test’ is still work in progress

Category: Science blog May 3, 2012

Earlier this week, the news was full of stories about a ‘blood test’ that can apparently predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer, years before she develop...

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