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A year of research – and 13 milestones you helped fund

Category: Science Blog July 25, 2014

To coincide with the publication of our Annual Review, here are some of the key research milestones that our amazing supporters have helped fund.

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It’s time to be positive about triple negative breast cancer

Category: Science Blog June 30, 2014

Triple negative breast cancer has poorer survival and is less well understood than other types, but research is making a difference.

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Fascin-ating insights into how pancreatic cancer spreads

Category: Science Blog May 20, 2014

A team of our scientists have discovered how a key protein called fascin could help pancreatic cancer spread – we explore their findings

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Reading the cell’s compass to navigate cancer

Category: Science Blog October 17, 2013

Knowing up from down is important for a cell and our researchers are looking at the cell’s internal compass for clues to help understand polarity and cancer.

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TRACERx – a new era in lung cancer research

Category: Science Blog July 18, 2013

We’ve announced a huge research project called TRACERx, investing millions of pounds into understanding the genetic driving force behind lung cancer.

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Watching cancers evolve using ‘liquid biopsies’

Category: Science Blog April 8, 2013

Tumours release DNA into the bloodstream, and scientists have been investigating whether this could offer clues about a cancer – take a look at what they found.

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Blood test tracks breast cancer

Category: Science Blog March 13, 2013

Cancer is a wily enemy. It mutates and spreads within the body and becomes resistant to treatment. Understanding and counteracting this tricksy behaviour is the...

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