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Red meat and breast cancer – still no solid evidence

Category: Science Blog June 11, 2014

Following wide media coverage of a study linking eating large amounts of red meat and breast cancer, we explain why the evidence just isn’t there yet.

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Beyond the burger – tips for a healthy barbecue

Category: Science Blog June 2, 2014

A rare sunny weekend in the UK is a great opportunity to get the barbecue out and tuck in to some tasty food. Here are some healthier alternatives.

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Meat and cheese aren’t ‘as deadly as smoking’

Category: Science Blog March 5, 2014

For the vast majority of people, eating protein isn’t “as bad for you as smoking”. Tobacco is the single biggest cause of preventable disease.

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Bacon battered? Today’s headlines explained

Category: Science Blog March 7, 2013

As if the horsemeat scandal wasn’t bad enough, this morning’s headlines brought further news of the dangers of eating too much processed meat: an increa...

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News digest: a prostate cancer ‘sea change’, smoking stats, E. coli and more

Category: Science Blog August 18, 2012

Here’s our weekly round-up – it’s been a particularly good-news week in the area of prostate cancer research and care, but there were a number of other hi...

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Lifestyle and cancer: against the blame game

Category: Science Blog April 11, 2012

‘My grandpa smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish, ate whatever he wanted, and still lived to a ripe old age. But my friend was a tee-total, non-smoking ve...

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Bowel cancer – 40 years of progress but early detection is key

Category: Science Blog April 2, 2012

Spotting cancer early can save lives. Over the last nine weeks, the Department of Health has been running a campaign called ‘Be Clear on Cancer’, aimed at r...

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