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Let's beat cancer sooner

Could making cigarettes less addictive help people stop smoking?

Category: Science blog September 30, 2015

Can reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes help people quit? Or is it a distraction from tried and trusted strategies? We asked an expert.

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Expert Opinion – Dr Mark Hellowell & Dr Katherine Smith on ‘earmarked’ funding for tobacco control

Category: Science blog September 29, 2015

We asked Dr Mark Hellowell and Dr Katherine Smith, from the University of Edinburgh, to explain the economics of how a tobacco levy would work.

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New data on how patients are diagnosed – what does it tell us?

Category: Science blog September 16, 2015

We look at welcome new stats published today, show that the number of cancer patients diagnosed in an emergency is falling.

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Great news as Government signals backing for cancer plan

Category: Science blog September 13, 2015

Our reaction to today’s announcement from the Department of Health, to back some key elements of the recent cancer strategy

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Four reasons why the Government needs to keep spending money on science

Category: Science blog September 8, 2015

We outline why the Government needs to protect the amount of money is spends on science and research.

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Dr Giles Maskell: ‘waiting a month or more for scan results is shocking’

Category: Science blog September 6, 2015

President of the Royal College of Radiologists, Dr Giles Maskell, shares his reaction to our new report on medical imaging services.

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To Test Cancer Sooner, we need the Government to invest in the NHS

Category: Science blog September 1, 2015

Find out why we’re campaigning for the Government to invest more in diagnosing cancer earlier – and sign our petition to make sure our voice is heard.

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