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News digest – another not-so-simple ‘blood test’, 3D virtual tumour, reprogrammed cells and… purple potatoes?

Category: Science blog August 29, 2015

A ‘blood test’ that’s not so simple, scientists create a 3D computer model of a tumour, but haven’t reprogrammed cells nor said purple potatoes are awes...

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News digest – thousands miss out on cancer drugs, e-cigarettes, aspirin, magnetic immune cells and…cannabis?

Category: Science blog August 22, 2015

Thousands of cancer patients missing out on targeted treatments, e-cigarettes hit the headlines and new research on magnets and cancer-killing viruses.

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News digest – early diagnosis, waiting times breach, a sad loss and… sweet-talking on obesity?

Category: Science blog August 15, 2015

Our digest of the week’s news and developments on the field of cancer research

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News digest – not a test, cancer survival lag, spicy food and…Noel Edmonds?

Category: Science blog August 8, 2015

Two ‘simple tests’ that aren’t so simple, England’s cancer survival is improving, the hot topic of spicy foods and what’s Noel Edmonds talking about?

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News digest – five types of prostate cancer, red wine and resveratrol, GP referrals, and… microscopic lasers?

Category: Science blog August 1, 2015

Five distinct types of prostate cancer, a red grape chemical in small doses, multiple GP visits and what’s a microscopic cellular laser?

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News digest – cancer Taskforce, bone drugs for breast cancer, Tasmanian Devils and…coffee pot rice?

Category: Science blog July 25, 2015

New recommendations for NHS cancer care, bone-strengthening drugs, Tasmanian Devil tumours and do you really need to cook rice in a coffee pot?

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News digest – Britain’s sweet tooth, cancer mysteries and… superman glasses?

Category: Science blog July 18, 2015

Here’s our look at what cancer stories were making headlines this week.

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