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News digest – bowel cancer screening, cancer immune shield, The Sun’s miscalculation and… testing a ‘blood test’?

Category: Science blog September 26, 2015

Over 50 per cent don’t go for new bowel cancer test, we discover a cancer immune shield, The Sun miscalculates and what does it take to call a test a test?

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News digest – Government backs cancer plan, 3D-printed rib cage, ‘robot tadpole’ and…Mediterranean diet?

Category: Science blog September 19, 2015

Government signals backing for cancer plan, patient receives a 3D-printed rib cage, the ‘robot tadpole’ and what’s the deal with the Mediterranean diet?

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News digest – NHS cancer services struggling, melanoma drug approved, cancer trap implant and…crocus cancer drug?

Category: Science blog September 12, 2015

NHS diagnosis services struggling, new immunotherapy treatment gets approval for melanoma, the cancer trap implant and can crocuses really cure cancer?

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News digest – aspirin boost for immunotherapy, wasp venom, long babies and…what’s that smell?

Category: Science blog September 5, 2015

Aspirin gives immunotherapy a boost in mice, wasp venom stings cancer cells, long babies and the sweet smell of misleading news reports.

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News digest – another not-so-simple ‘blood test’, 3D virtual tumour, reprogrammed cells and… purple potatoes?

Category: Science blog August 29, 2015

A ‘blood test’ that’s not so simple, scientists create a 3D computer model of a tumour, but haven’t reprogrammed cells nor said purple potatoes are awes...

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News digest – thousands miss out on cancer drugs, e-cigarettes, aspirin, magnetic immune cells and…cannabis?

Category: Science blog August 22, 2015

Thousands of cancer patients missing out on targeted treatments, e-cigarettes hit the headlines and new research on magnets and cancer-killing viruses.

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