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News digest – smoking mortality, tobacco industry tactics, ‘head-transplants’ and more.

Category: Science blog February 28, 2015

New research suggests 2/3 smokers could die from their habit. The tobacco industry fails to overturn anti-tobacco legislation again plus, ‘head-transplants’...

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News digest – missed NHS targets, DNA ‘wormholes’, debunking ‘miracle foods’ and more

Category: Science blog February 21, 2015

Treatment target times missed, sci-fi sounding research on DNA ‘wormholes’ and a thorough debunking of ‘miracle foods’ (plus an article that ignored thi...

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News digest – hormone replacement therapy, cancer screening, ‘breath-sniffing’ smartphone app and more

Category: Science blog February 14, 2015

HRT and ovarian cancer risk, what people say and do when it comes to screening and is there really a ‘breath-sniffing’ smartphone app to diagnose cancer?

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News digest – lifetime cancer risk now 1 in 2, naked mole rat, another ‘simple blood test’ and more

Category: Science blog February 7, 2015

New figures show 1 in 2 will get cancer, research on the cancer-resistant naked mole rat and what’s the deal with the latest ‘simple blood test’ for cance...

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News digest – dismissing symptoms, persistent heartburn, unboiled eggs and more

Category: Science blog January 31, 2015

Concerns over people dismissing symptoms, a new campaign about persistent heartburn and what does ‘unboiling’ an egg have to do with cancer research?

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News digest – next steps for standard cig packs, couples getting healthy, e-cigarettes and more

Category: Science blog January 24, 2015

Great news about standardised cigarette packaging, research on couples getting healthy and some questionable science around e-cigarettes – here’s the news.

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News digest – Cancer Drugs Fund, oxygen and lung cancer, breast cancer gene and more

Category: Science blog January 17, 2015

More news on Government cancer drug funding, hyperactive gene linked to aggressive form of breast cancer and can oxygen cause lung cancer?

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