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News digest – Microsoft, Chan and Zuckerberg take on disease, fitness trackers, obesity in Scotland and… turmeric?

Category: Science blog September 24, 2016

Tech pledges to tackle disease, faith in fitness trackers, worrying obesity figures for Scottish kids and is turmeric as g...

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News digest – impact of cervical screening, E-cigarettes, DNA damage and… Pac-Man?

Category: Science blog September 17, 2016

This week, Cancer Research UK scientists published a study that showed the impact of cervical screening in preventing ca...

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News digest – awareness of obesity and cancer link, oesophageal cancer progress, fluorescent dyes and… gobbling ginger?

Category: Science blog September 10, 2016

We published a concerning report about the lack of awareness of the link between obesity and cancer – a story that got ...

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News digest – obesity in primary schools, the Crick, artificial intelligence and… Tasmanian devils?

Category: Science blog September 3, 2016

Every year more than 57,000 children who started primary school in England at a healthy weight end up obese or overweight...

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News digest – cancer is a ‘perfect storm’, obesity, unbalanced cells and… mind control?

Category: Science blog August 27, 2016

Cancer is down to more than just bad luck; obesity and cancer makes headlines, and could a mind-manipulating microbe help ...

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News digest – ‘Inexcusable’ Government obesity plan, tiny robots, precision medicine and… mummies?

Category: Science blog August 20, 2016

We think the Government’s long-awaited plan to tackle childhood obesity isn’t good enough; tiny robots could tackle ca...

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News digest – apricot kernels, CRISPR, waiting time target missed (again) and… is tap water bad?

Category: Science blog August 13, 2016

Apricot kernels, CRISPR, waiting time target missed and is tap water bad? Here’s this week’s cancer news.

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