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News digest – lung cancer ‘Matrix’ trial, tumour goggles, 3D-printed cancer cells and more

Science Blog April 19, 2014

This week’s news featured our ambitious new clinical trial aiming to advance treatment for lung cancer, plus goggles for surgery and 3D-printed cancer cells.

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News digest – when muscle turns to bone, prostate cancer tests, ‘zombie’ cancer cells and more

Science Blog April 12, 2014

Catch up on the week’s big cancer new stories, including a remarkable link between two rare and devastating diseases, plus much more.

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News digest – Chantler review on standard packs, revolutionary bowel cancer trial, laser popped ‘nanoballoons’ and more

Science Blog April 5, 2014

From the Chantler review on standard packs for cigarettes, to lasers and popping ‘nanoballoons’. Catch up on the week’s cancer news.

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News digest – £8m from #nomakeupselfie, 50 years of Epstein-Barr virus, lung cancer discovery and more

Science Blog March 29, 2014

From the unprecedented £8m raised by #nomakeupselfie to the 50th anniversary of a cancer causing virus, our weekly news digest keeps you up to date.

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News digest – lung cancer rise, ancient cancer case, #nomakeupselfie craze and more

Science Blog March 22, 2014

Lung cancer rates have risen by three quarters in women over the last 40 years, while halving in men over the same period. This is largely down to smoking patte...

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News digest – Genes in Space, lung cancer drug trial, early access to medicines and more

Science Blog March 15, 2014

Read about how much DNA data citizen scientists have crunched in a month, a new trial testing a breast cancer drug in lung cancer plus more in our news digest.

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News digest – cancer’s sleeper cells, the ‘microbiome’, cheeseburgers and more

Science Blog March 8, 2014

Are meat and cheese really ‘as deadly as smoking?’ Despite some alarming headlines, the answer is no. For the rest of the week's stories read our news diges...

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