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Let's beat cancer sooner

Our work to help GPs spot the potential warning signs of cancer

Science Blog February 10, 2014

GPs don’t have an easy task spotting cancer. Read about our work to support them and the public in spotting the potential signs of cancer earlier.

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Cancer care in the new NHS in England

Science Blog April 5, 2013

As of Monday (1st April) the Government’s reform of the NHS became a reality, with the Health and Social Care Act coming into force. We’ve blogged a number ...

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Gene variations and cancer risk – more results, more answers and more questions

Science Blog March 27, 2013

A thousand scientists from one hundred international research groups working over four years. Thirteen papers spread across five journals. DNA analysis of two h...

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New bowel screening test introduced in England

Science Blog March 21, 2013

Back in December we wrote about Jeremy Hunt’s announcement that six centres in England would start using Bowel Scope Screening (BSS, also known as flexi-scope...

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Notes from the NCRI conference (day 3)

Science Blog November 6, 2012

It’s been another packed day at the NCRI conference, full of interesting discussion and debate (as were yesterday’s and Sunday’s sessions). But before we ...

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How can we improve the breast cancer screening programme?

Science Blog October 30, 2012

Breast screening is back in the news. At the request of the Government and Cancer Research UK, an independent expert panel has scrutinised all the available evi...

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Is the healthcare system failing elderly people with cancer symptoms?

Science Blog September 21, 2012

A new report published today - and widely covered in the media – raises difficult questions about how cancers are diagnosed in elderly people in England....

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