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We need to talk about side effects

Category: Science blog October 1, 2016

We talk to two young cancer survivors about the side effects they experienced following treatment.

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International Childhood Cancer Day: why an EU law needs improving to help develop new treatments for young people

Category: Science blog February 15, 2016

We explore how an EU law potentially holding back progress in research on cancers that affect children and young adults.

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Expert Opinion – Professor Richard Gilbertson talks children’s cancers

Category: Science blog November 26, 2015

We caught up with Professor Richard Gilbertson to find out the challenges facing research into children’s cancers, and w...

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Cancer in kids, teens and young adults – why we’re renewing our focus

Category: Science blog January 22, 2015

Cancer deaths in children and young people have dropped by nearly 60 per cent in the past 40 years - read about our new ca...

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A year of research – and 13 milestones you helped fund

Category: Science blog July 25, 2014

To coincide with the publication of our Annual Review, here are some of the key research milestones that our amazing suppo...

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Video: Dr Antony Michalski on treating children with cancer

Category: Science blog April 18, 2013

Hear Dr Antony Michalski - a Cancer Research UK-supported doctor - talk about treating childhood cancer and how research c...

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Coming together to tackle children’s cancers

Category: Science blog October 31, 2012

From doctors and scientists to parents and survivors, the International Society of Paediatric Oncology is bringing people ...

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