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The latest plot twist in the treatment of prostate cancer

Category: Science blog January 27, 2015

A new study has turned accepted wisdom on its head in an attempt to tackle resistance to prostate cancer treatment.

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The risk factor – new evidence on obesity and prostate cancer

Category: Science blog November 20, 2014

The World Cancer Research Fund has published some important new research on prostate cancer and obesity – we explore the findings.

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Prostate cancer: researchers begin to unpick drug resistance

Category: Science blog September 5, 2014

A look at some recent findings from the US, from researchers studying how prostate cancers can be resistant to two new drugs – abiraterone and enzalutamide

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Prostate drug decision highlights urgent need for reform

Category: Science blog August 15, 2014

Just a week after the controversy over breast cancer drug Kadcyla, the inflexibilities within the UK’s disparate drug approval systems have been pulled into s...

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A year of research – and 13 milestones you helped fund

Category: Science blog July 25, 2014

To coincide with the publication of our Annual Review, here are some of the key research milestones that our amazing supporters have helped fund.

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Gene variations and cancer risk – more results, more answers and more questions

Category: Science blog March 27, 2013

A thousand scientists from one hundred international research groups working over four years. Thirteen papers spread across five journals. DNA analysis of two h...

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Tissue study turns tables on prostate cancer

Category: Science blog December 20, 2012

As we heard yesterday , a man’s lifetime risk of developing cancer is set to climb to one in two by 2027, and one of the biggest reasons is an increase in pro...

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