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Spotting symptoms – a personal story about oesophageal cancer

Science Blog February 12, 2014

Maggie is one of our research nurses and an oesophageal cancer survivor – read her story about the importance of spotting symptoms early.

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Why are oesophageal cancer rates going up in men?

Science Blog June 18, 2013

Our new figures show that rates of oesophageal cancer are increasing, particularly in men – what’s causing this rise and what can be done about it?

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A minimum alcohol price could cut cancer rates

Science Blog March 28, 2012

Alcohol has been a well-loved but problematic part of British life for centuries, as immortalised in 18th century artist Hogarth’s depictions of “Gin Lane...

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Aspirin and cancer – the picture becomes clearer

Science Blog March 21, 2012

“Should I be taking aspirin to reduce the risk of dying from cancer?” This is likely to be the question on many people’s minds today, which sees the publi...

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Spotting cancer early – our partnership with Tesco

Science Blog March 6, 2012

If cancer is diagnosed early, it’s nearly always easier to treat successfully. But too many cancers are still diagnosed at a late stage – thousands of lives...

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New video: Cracking the cancer code

Science Blog March 4, 2012

Regular readers may remember that last July we launched two pioneering projects to hunt down the key genetic faults that drive prostate and oesophageal cancers ...

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Podcast: New drugs, earlier diagnosis, and an interview with our chief executive

Science Blog February 14, 2012

In this month’s podcast we find out about a fluorescent dye that could light up the early signs of oesophageal cancer and learn how a faulty gene has been une...

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