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Cancer ‘the best way to die’? You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried

Category: Science blog January 19, 2015

Larry is 59 and has advanced pancreatic cancer. Here, he responds to a recent article claiming that cancer is ‘the best way to die’. As an oesophageal cance...

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NCRI 2014 conference summary – day 2

Category: Science blog November 4, 2014

Here’s our round up from day two of the NCRI cancer conference in Liverpool.

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Cancer and depression – why it matters, and what can be done to help

Category: Science blog August 29, 2014

Depression is an important but largely under-recognised problem for people with cancer, but a new treatment programme could improve quality of life for patients

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The quest to unravel the side effects of cancer drugs

Category: Science blog September 5, 2013

An important part of cancer drug treatment is minimising side effects – how are scientists tackling this issue and what does the new research show?

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Today’s headlines about tamoxifen

Category: Science blog September 4, 2013

Following reports that women who stop taking the breast cancer drug tamoxifen could face their cancer returning, we look at the research behind the headlines.

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Communication and support at the end of life is so important

Category: Science blog November 14, 2012

It was heartening to see Helen Jamison’s article in The Independent yesterday. If you missed it, Helen wrote a moving article about her mother’s death, and ...

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NCRI conference session: physical activity, obesity and survivorship

Category: Science blog November 13, 2012

As regular readers will know, we were at the annual National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) conference in Liverpool last week. We blogged daily updates from t...

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