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A new way to prevent breast cancer: anastrozole

Science Blog December 12, 2013

Results from our clinical trial show a drug called anastrozole can halve the chance of developing breast cancer in some women. We explore the findings.

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‘Mitotic spindles’ could help develop better chemo drugs

Science Blog August 14, 2013

We hear from a cancer research expert about how part of a cell’s internal skeleton links chemotherapy drugs to controlling how cells divide.

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The story of temozolomide

Science Blog July 18, 2013

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Our milestones

From its early development in the 1970′s to its use as an important treatment for adult brain tumours, we explore the history of the cancer drug temozolomide.

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Joining the dots – how lab research can lead to new approaches for treating cancer

Science Blog May 26, 2013

At its heart, cancer is a disease that starts when genes go wrong. This can happen when the DNA in your cells gets damaged, for example by tobacco smoke, UV rad...

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Innovative drug development fund backs first major project

Science Blog April 23, 2013

Last year we were extremely excited to launch an innovative fund to bring new cancer drugs to patients. Today we’re pleased to reveal that the fund has given ...

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Expert Opinion – The challenges of lung cancer

Science Blog April 4, 2013

One of our leading experts in lung cancer, Professor Dean Fennell, shares his thoughts on this devastating disease. Lung cancer is an enormous health burden bot...

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Blood test tracks breast cancer

Science Blog March 13, 2013

Cancer is a wily enemy. It mutates and spreads within the body and becomes resistant to treatment. Understanding and counteracting this tricksy behaviour is the...

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