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Let's beat cancer sooner

Cervical screening – is age the only debate?

Category: Science Blog June 9, 2014

To mark cervical screening awareness week we explore the evidence on how the programme could be improved to prevent more cases of cervical cancer in the future.

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Why we need to talk more about anal cancer

Category: Science Blog June 5, 2014

Rates of anal cancer have quadrupled since the mid-70s, but why? We explore the possible reasons, and ask why the media didn’t cover the story.

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Wikipedia – is it fit for patient consumption?

Category: Science Blog May 28, 2014

In the light of new research on ‘errors’ in Wikipedia’s medical pages, Cancer Research UK’s new Wikipedian in Residence discusses how to improve things

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Mapping cancer risks – what can (and can’t) it tell us?

Category: Science Blog April 25, 2014

The new Environment and Health Atlas charts data about diseases such as cancer alongside environmental risk factors including pollution and pesticides.

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It may seem unlikely, but could a statistician save your life?

Category: Science Blog July 9, 2013

Identifying where a health service is doing well – and where it needs to do better – is one of the quickest ways to improve things for patients. Hav...

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Our campaign to encourage earlier diagnosis of cancer

Category: Science Blog July 2, 2013

Nearly one in four people with cancer in England are diagnosed after seeking help at a hospital Accident and Emergency department or through another emergency r...

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Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day

Category: Science Blog May 20, 2013

We’ve written many times about clinical trials on this blog. Trials tell us which treatments work, and their results boost the progress we’re making in help...

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