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#nomakeupselfie – some questions answered

Science Blog March 25, 2014

What does £8m pay for? And what about the polar bears? We answer your questions about #nomakeupselfie.

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Public consultation on the Medical Innovation Bill

Science Blog March 11, 2014

The Medical Innovation Bill proposes new legislation on innovation in bringing forward new medical treatments. We’re responding to the public consultation.

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No, scientists haven’t “developed a pill that can stop cancer spreading”

Science Blog February 20, 2014

Today’s headlines about a ‘pill that could stop cancer spreading’ are premature. But the research is interesting.

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Spotting symptoms – a personal story about oesophageal cancer

Science Blog February 12, 2014

Maggie is one of our research nurses and an oesophageal cancer survivor – read her story about the importance of spotting symptoms early.

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Why today’s reports about skin cancer and alcohol are misleading

Science Blog January 29, 2014

The evidence that triggered headlines about heavy drinking and melanoma isn’t strong enough to link skin cancer and alcohol.

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Introducing our Women of Influence Initiative

Science Blog January 27, 2014

Read about our pioneering Women of Influence Initiative – bringing together top business women to mentor our most promising young female scientists.

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Headlines about a mole rat derived ‘cancer cure’ are premature

Science Blog January 16, 2014

Research on mole rats and why they resist cancer is interesting, but doesn’t justify some of today’s overblown headlines.

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