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Can cutting out chocolate really hold cancer at bay?

Category: Science blog December 8, 2016 0 comments

There’s more to stopping cancer from spreading than simply cutting out chocolate, despite what the headlines say.

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Talking about mouth cancer is important

Category: Science blog November 25, 2016 9 comments

We spoke to Charlie, a mouth cancer survivor, about the importance of spotting the disease early.

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Jet lag and liver cancer – what’s the story?

Category: Science blog November 24, 2016 2 comments

Headlines suggested that jet lag could raise the risk of liver cancer. We spoke to an expert to find out the story.

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Rewiring cancers’ circuits – a new way to kill?

Category: Science blog November 24, 2016 0 comments

Our scientists have developed a new way to re-wire cancer cells.

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Children’s cancer survivors face a tough question: do you want to ever have kids?

Category: Science blog November 21, 2016 2 comments

We spoke to four young cancer survivors about the fertility issues they faced after cancer treatment.

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News digest – The Queen opens the Crick, a radical sugary drinks proposal, gut microbes, gold and… lasers?

Category: Science blog November 12, 2016 0 comments

The Queen opens the Crick, a radical sugary drinks proposal, gut microbes, gold and… lasers? Here’s our news digest.

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Scientists reveal genetic ‘signatures’ left by cigarette smoke

Category: Science blog November 3, 2016 3 comments

How does cigarette smoke harm our DNA to cause cancer? New research shows the complexity and severity of the situation.

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Sellafield, radiation and childhood cancer – shedding light on cancer clusters near nuclear sites

Category: Science blog October 31, 2016 2 comments

A new report confirms that radiation from a nuclear plant wasn’t to blame for a spike in childhood leukaemia in north-west England – so what was?

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News digest – radiotherapy investment, immune cell exhaustion, 3D-printed torso, and… cycling?

Category: Science blog October 29, 2016 0 comments

Radiotherapy got the investment it needs this week when NHS England announced it will spend £130m upgrading or replacing ...

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Radiotherapy gets the investment it needs

Category: Science blog October 25, 2016 10 comments

NHS England has announced that it will invest £130m in new radiotherapy machines. Read why that investment is so importan...

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