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From April we’re changing the way we communicate with supporters

Category: Science blog March 22, 2016

From April, we’ve decided to give supporters the chance to ‘opt-in’ to future fundraising communications from us.

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News digest – surprise sugar tax, HIV drug’s new tricks, nanoparticle hype and… artificial sweeteners?

Category: Science blog March 19, 2016

A surprise sugar tax, tackling drug resistance with an HIV treatment, nanoparticles receive big hype and can artificial sweeteners cause cancer?

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The Budget 2016: a surprise sugar tax and (some) good news on tobacco

Category: Science blog March 16, 2016

Read our reaction to the 2016 Budget, including a surprise sugar tax and some positive steps to tackle tobacco.

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Scotland’s Cancer Strategy: an ambitious plan that’s good news for patients

Category: Science blog March 15, 2016

We take a look at Scotland’s new cancer plan, outlining what will mean for the nation’s health and for patients.

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Blood analysis could offer a real-time ‘snapshot’ of melanoma treatment

Category: Science blog March 15, 2016

We explore the latest research from our scientists in Manchester that’s tracking how melanomas respond to treatment by analysing patient blood samples.

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Blocking the escape routes: how an HIV drug exposes skin cancer’s weaknesses

Category: Science blog March 14, 2016

A new study from our scientists has found that treating melanoma cells with an HIV drug could make them more sensitive to a ‘targeted’ cancer drug.

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News digest – Breast cancer drug combo, melanoma ‘blood test’, Fukushima and… carbs?

Category: Science blog March 12, 2016

‘Unprecedented’ breast cancer trial results, fishing for melanoma DNA in blood, five years since Fukushima and is there a link between carbs and lung cancer...

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