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Breastfeeding does *not* cause cancer – quite the opposite

Category: Science Blog April 29, 2014

Amidst widespread coverage of today’s survival story, we were concerned to spot an error in a newspaper graphic, suggesting that breastfeeding caused cancer.

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Our new strategy – “a big step towards putting us all out of jobs”

Category: Science Blog April 29, 2014

As we launch our new strategy, we catch up with chief scientist, Professor Nic Jones, and get his take on our plans for the future.

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Why the EU elections mean a fresh start for patients in Europe

Category: Science Blog April 28, 2014

With the European elections just around the corner, we look at how MEP hopefuls are pledging their commitment to medical research.

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News digest – skin cancer surge, NICE decisions, health atlas and more

Category: Science Blog April 26, 2014

Catch up on this week’s cancer news – from a surge in skin cancer rates to new maps of England and Wales matching environmental risk factors and disease data.

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Mapping cancer risks – what can (and can’t) it tell us?

Category: Science Blog April 25, 2014

The new Environment and Health Atlas charts data about diseases such as cancer alongside environmental risk factors including pollution and pesticides.

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News digest – lung cancer ‘Matrix’ trial, tumour goggles, 3D-printed cancer cells and more

Category: Science Blog April 19, 2014

This week’s news featured our ambitious new clinical trial aiming to advance treatment for lung cancer, plus goggles for surgery and 3D-printed cancer cells.

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Science Snaps: designer drugs

Category: Science Blog April 18, 2014

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Science Snaps

In the latest instalment of Science Snaps we explore some science illustration and research looking at targeted cancer treatments.

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