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News digest – immunotherapy ‘cures’, saliva tests, sugary drinks… and mobile phones

Category: Science blog February 20, 2016

Here’s our round up of this week’s cancer news.

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Childhood obesity: the task of tackling cancer begins early

Category: Science blog February 19, 2016

We look at the evidence on childhood obesity and cancer, uncovering a potential direct link between obesity in childhood and raised cancer risk in adults.

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The 1939 Cancer Act: What is it, what does it do, and is it ‘suppressing the cure’?

Category: Science blog February 19, 2016

We take a closer look at the contents of the Cancer Act as it now stands, how it has changed, and how it still works to protect patients and the public.

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Immunotherapy cancer ‘cure’ headlines distract from fascinating science

Category: Science blog February 16, 2016

We explore today’s headlines about new US research on immunotherapy for blood cancers.

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International Childhood Cancer Day: why an EU law needs improving to help develop new treatments for young people

Category: Science blog February 15, 2016

We explore how an EU law potentially holding back progress in research on cancers that affect children and young adults.

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News digest – Cancer Drugs Fund, missed waiting time target, blood test and… banana scanners?

Category: Science blog February 13, 2016

Changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund, waiting times target missed for two years, another ‘simple’ blood test and why would you want to scan a banana?

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Changing the Cancer Drugs Fund: a step towards fixing how the NHS provides the best medicines

Category: Science blog February 11, 2016

We discuss our response to the consultation on changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund in England.

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