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Fascin-ating insights into how pancreatic cancer spreads

Category: Science Blog May 20, 2014

A team of our scientists have discovered how a key protein called fascin could help pancreatic cancer spread – we explore their findings

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News digest – genetic ‘car crashes’, cancer stem cells, measles virus and more

Category: Science Blog May 17, 2014

Can measles really cure cancer? And if cancer stem cells do exist, how might they be targeted for treating leukaemia? Find out in this week’s news digest.

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Could measles cure cancer? Uh, not exactly…

Category: Science Blog May 16, 2014

Media outlets are awash with the news that researchers in the US have apparently cured cancer with the measles virus. What are the facts behind the headlines?

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How to avoid cancer-causing chromosomal car-crashes

Category: Science Blog May 16, 2014

We reveal how a molecule called RECQL5 helps prevent potentially cancer-causing ‘car crashes’ between proteins on our DNA.

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Lucy Briers – My father Richard’s life was cut short by tobacco

Category: Science Blog May 15, 2014

Lucy Briers – daughter of the late actor Richard Briers – shares her personal story of why the fight for standardised tobacco packs is so important.

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Back in the news – mobile phones and cancer

Category: Science Blog May 14, 2014

In the light of new research, we look again at the evidence on mobile phone use and brain tumours.

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News digest – bowel cancer screening, aspirin, telomeres and more

Category: Science Blog May 10, 2014

Catch up on this week’s cancer news, including poor uptake of bowel cancer screening, aspirin for reducing chemotherapy side effects, and mice with eczema.

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