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News digest – obesity and diets, the immune system, stats galore and more

Category: Science blog November 29, 2014

It’s been a big week for research on immunotherapy. Find out why, and what else has happened in the world of cancer research this week.

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News digest – treatment targets missed, prostate cancer and obesity, liquid hand soap and more

Category: Science blog November 22, 2014

Cancer treatment target missed again, evidence links obesity and aggressive prostate cancer, plus could liquid hand gel be harming your health?

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Could computers help GPs diagnose cancer early?

Category: Science blog November 21, 2014

We discuss results of an evaluation of a new computer based system to help GPs diagnose cancer.

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The risk factor – new evidence on obesity and prostate cancer

Category: Science blog November 20, 2014

The World Cancer Research Fund has published some important new research on prostate cancer and obesity – we explore the findings.

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‘The People Who Are Keeping Me Alive’ – Rina’s story

Category: Science blog November 17, 2014

Rina has stage four breast cancer, but following a conversation with her care team, she’s putting them in the spotlight as part of a new photography exhibition.

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Getting cancer’s story straight

Category: Science blog November 16, 2014

In this guest post from one of our researchers we dig a bit deeper into cancer’s genetic story and tackle the mystery of some missing pages.

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News digest – DNA ‘blind spots’, monster chromosomes, the Cancer Drugs Fund and more

Category: Science blog November 15, 2014

Unravelling cancer’s genetic ‘blind spots’, what’s a ‘monster chromosome’? Plus the latest announcements on the controversial Cancer Drugs Fund.

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