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Let's beat cancer sooner

Citizen Scientists can spot cancer cells like pathologists, so what happens next?

Category: Science blog October 1, 2015

Citizen Scientists are helping our researchers analyse cancer data, but how good are they? We explore the results of a new study to find out.

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Could making cigarettes less addictive help people stop smoking?

Category: Science blog September 30, 2015

Can reducing the nicotine content of cigarettes help people quit? Or is it a distraction from tried and trusted strategies? We asked an expert.

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Expert Opinion – Dr Mark Hellowell & Dr Katherine Smith on ‘earmarked’ funding for tobacco control

Category: Science blog September 29, 2015

We asked Dr Mark Hellowell and Dr Katherine Smith, from the University of Edinburgh, to explain the economics of how a tobacco levy would work.

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May I take your metaphor? – how we talk about cancer

Category: Science blog September 28, 2015

When it comes to talking about cancer is one metaphor better than another?

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Expert opinion – Constant craving: how can science help smokers to quit?

Category: Science blog September 27, 2015

UCL’s Professor Robert West explains the science that can help smokers combat their cravings and quit the habit.

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News digest – bowel cancer screening, cancer immune shield, The Sun’s miscalculation and… testing a ‘blood test’?

Category: Science blog September 26, 2015

Over 50 per cent don’t go for new bowel cancer test, we discover a cancer immune shield, The Sun miscalculates and what does it take to call a test a test?

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Stopping cancer’s scrum for survival

Category: Science blog September 25, 2015

Our scientists have discovered that similar to a rugby maul, cancer cells can ward off tumour-killing immune cells through an important cellular signal.

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