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Crashing cancer’s backup system – our progress so far

Category: Science blog September 12, 2016

With the phrase often touted by the media, it can be difficult to keep track of the ‘next big thing’ in cancer treatme...

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News digest – awareness of obesity and cancer link, oesophageal cancer progress, fluorescent dyes and… gobbling ginger?

Category: Science blog September 10, 2016

We published a concerning report about the lack of awareness of the link between obesity and cancer – a story that got ...

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The public doesn’t know obesity causes cancer, and that’s really worrying

Category: Science blog September 9, 2016

Our latest figures reveal that three in four people aren’t aware that obesity causes cancer.

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Spotting the earliest signs of oesophageal cancer with a fluorescence-detecting camera

Category: Science blog September 8, 2016

Our scientists in Cambridge have developed a specialised camera that could help detect precancerous changes that may devel...

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Improving care for cancer patients in Northern Ireland

Category: Science blog September 7, 2016

Our new report looking at cancer care in Northern Ireland uncovers some key areas for improvement.

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News digest – obesity in primary schools, the Crick, artificial intelligence and… Tasmanian devils?

Category: Science blog September 3, 2016

Every year more than 57,000 children who started primary school in England at a healthy weight end up obese or overweight...

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New data on cancer treatment to help improve care

Category: Science blog August 31, 2016

Our chief clinician offers his thoughts on new data looking at one aspect of the effects of certain cancer treatments acro...

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