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Antioxidants, free radicals and melanoma spread – what’s going on?

Category: Science blog October 16, 2015

We explore new research looking at how antioxidants and free radicals might affect the ability of melanoma cells to spread around the body.

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Have researchers really discovered a ‘new miracle drug to cure nine in 10 cancers’? No, but the research is fascinating

Category: Science blog October 14, 2015

We respond to some misleading headlines about a ‘miracle drug’ that could cure nine in 10 cancers.

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Harriet Watson: “Why should patients have to wait so long for a colonoscopy?”

Category: Science blog October 14, 2015

Consultant colorectal nurse, Harriet Watson, responds to our latest report on NHS endoscopy services and the Government’s backing of England’s cancer plan.

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The 7 questions we must answer to beat cancer

Category: Science blog October 12, 2015

The world’s biggest cancer experts have selected 7 research challenges that must be tackled to beat cancer – we take a look at what they chose.

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As seen on TV! Why reducing children’s exposure to junk food marketing is a good idea

Category: Science blog October 11, 2015

To mark World Obesity Day, we explore how junk food marketing affects our diet – particularly in children – and how this relates to obesity and cancer.

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News digest – Nobel Prizes, elephants, a vanishing boy and wonder diets… Oh my!

Category: Science blog October 10, 2015

Here’s what made the headlines this week in cancer news.

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‘Will you be finding a cure for my child?’ – Watch our Google Hangout on tackling cancer in kids and teens

Category: Science blog October 8, 2015

Following the success of our last Google Hangout, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you a fascinating discussion and cancer in kids and teens.

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