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News digest – prostate cancer chemo, Cuban lung cancer vaccine treatment and … walnuts?

Category: Science blog May 16, 2015

Find out about a new prostate cancer treatment, the Cuban lung cancer vaccine and if a handful of Walnuts can make cancer go away.

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Don’t take vitamin B3 to prevent skin cancer – stick with shade

Category: Science blog May 15, 2015

This morning’s headlines about vitamin B3 and skin cancer were a little over the top. Here are our thoughts on the research behind the story

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Election 2015: What does the result mean for cancer?

Category: Science blog May 13, 2015

As the dust settles on an unexpected election result, we look at what the UK’s new political landscape means for political action against cancer.

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When defences attack: the hidden cause of cancer hiding in our cells

Category: Science blog May 12, 2015

We look at APOBECs – biological double-agents that start out as a friend to our cells but morph into a deadly enemy as cancers develop.

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News digest – ovarian cancer blood test, tackling drug resistance, a supercomputer called Watson and more

Category: Science blog May 9, 2015

Behind the ovarian cancer ‘blood test’ headlines, new drugs to tackle resistance, plus what can a supercomputer called Watson do to help cancer care?

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‘Johns Hopkins’ cancer update emails are a hoax

Category: Science blog May 8, 2015

Hoax emails about cancer risks and treatments are misleading and confusing, so don’t pass them on. Here are the facts behind the claims.

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What have we done to Cross Cancer Out ahead of the General Election?

Category: Science blog May 6, 2015

We look back on our General Election campaign, covering all the different ways we’ve been asking election candidates to help Cross Cancer Out.

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