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How public health cuts could leave Stop Smoking Services under threat

Category: Science blog January 14, 2016

We look at how cuts to local public health budgets are leaving vital Stop Smoking Services under threat.

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The route to ‘precision’ medicine – four key challenges we need to meet

Category: Science blog January 13, 2016

We look at the key themes that emerged from the first ever Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy conference in Paris last year

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Should the NHS publish data on cancer surgeons?

Category: Science blog January 11, 2016

We take a look at the pros and cons of publishing cancer surgeons’ mortality data.

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News digest – alcohol guidelines, alarming obesity trends, e-cigarette medical license and… Tasmanian devils?

Category: Science blog January 9, 2016

Updated alcohol guidelines, our obesity report reveals worrying trends and how are Tasmanian devils catching cancer? Here’s the week’s cancer news.

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New alcohol guidelines to help cut cancer risk

Category: Science blog January 8, 2016

We take a detailed look at today’s new Government guidance on alcohol consumption, and how it relates to cancer risk

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A tribute to Professor Alan Clarke

Category: Science blog January 7, 2016

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden and untimely passing of Professor Alan Clarke, who died while walking his dog shortly after Christmas.

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Obesity and cancer – time for concerted action

Category: Science blog January 7, 2016

Our new report on trends in obesity contains some alarming findings. We take a look at it’s key conclusions and recommendations.

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