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Recently funded research: clinical trials

Category: Science blog October 30, 2015

Here’s highlights of some of the research we’ve recently funded.

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

Category: Science blog October 26, 2015

Following today’s headlines about processed meat and cancer we ask how much meat is it sensible to eat? And how many cases of cancer are linked to meat?

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News digest – incorrect HRT headlines, red meat and cancer, aspirin trial and…rhubarb?

Category: Science blog October 24, 2015

Misleading headlines about HRT, meat news, we launched a big trial on aspirin and can you really make drugs out of rhubarb?

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A tribute to Professor Jane Wardle

Category: Science blog October 23, 2015

This week, we lost a dear friend, a colleague, a mentor and exceptionally talented researcher – Jane Wardle, one of the UK’s leading health psychologists.

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Jumping the queue: could pharmacists help spot cancer?

Category: Science blog October 22, 2015

We look at an important research project that’s trying to find out if pharmacists could help diagnose cancers earlier.

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No, HRT isn’t ‘harmless’ – there are risks as well as benefits

Category: Science blog October 20, 2015

Yesterday saw some bold, but extremely misleading headlines about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) being “harmless”. This unfortunate statement flies in th...

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News digest – £100m challenges, breakthrough blood tests, bowel cancer subtypes and… a miracle drug?

Category: Science blog October 17, 2015

Fresh out of the petri dish, here’s this weeks cancer news round up.

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