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Standard packs – nearly but not quite there

Category: Science Blog June 26, 2014

The Government today took a crucial step towards standard packs… but we’re not there quite yet. What still needs to happen?

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Science Snaps: how skin cancer spreads – the round or flat of it

Category: Science Blog June 25, 2014

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Science Snaps

With an image hot off the microscope, we look at how shape-shifting melanoma cells deploy different groups of enzymes to help them spread.

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News digest – cancer research investment, tobacco industry mistrust, carrots and more

Category: Science Blog June 21, 2014

Research is a sound investment, people don’t trust the tobacco industry and some misleading stories of carrots and sitting down – here’s this week’s news.

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No wonder the public doesn’t trust the tobacco industry

Category: Science Blog June 19, 2014

Just one in 10 people trust the tobacco industry on plans to cut smoking rates, and it’s not surprising given their track record of spreading misinformation.

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Cancer research – benefiting patients AND the economy

Category: Science Blog June 16, 2014

We discuss a new report that looks at the wider economic impact of cancer research.

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News digest – sunscreen and skin cancer, ‘immune boost’, red meat and more

Category: Science Blog June 14, 2014

New research on sunscreen and skin cancer hit the headlines, and we explore why the evidence still isn’t convincing on red meat and breast cancer.

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Liam Byrne MP: Investment in science is an investment in patients

Category: Science Blog June 13, 2014

Labour’s Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, shares his vision for science and research in the UK.

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