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Joining forces to fight lung cancer

Science Blog March 25, 2014

What has the shape of a protein got to do with giving lung cancer patients the best treatments? A team of our researchers have the answer.

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Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked

Science Blog March 24, 2014

From ‘superfoods’ to sharks, we set the record straight on 10 common myths about cancer.

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News digest – lung cancer rise, ancient cancer case, #nomakeupselfie craze and more

Science Blog March 22, 2014

Lung cancer rates have risen by three quarters in women over the last 40 years, while halving in men over the same period. This is largely down to smoking patte...

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News digest – Genes in Space, lung cancer drug trial, early access to medicines and more

Science Blog March 15, 2014

Read about how much DNA data citizen scientists have crunched in a month, a new trial testing a breast cancer drug in lung cancer plus more in our news digest.

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Scheme for early access to drugs is a step in the right direction

Science Blog March 14, 2014

The Early Access to Medicines scheme launching in April is great news for cancer patients, but what more could be done?

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Science Snaps: why aren’t flies as big as hippos?

Science Blog March 13, 2014

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Science Snaps

In the latest Science Snaps we explore how capturing microscopic images of fly eyes is helping our researchers pinpoint genetic changes linked to cancer.

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National No Smoking Day: don’t quit quitting

Science Blog March 12, 2014

It’s No Smoking Day. We look at the different options available to people trying to quit their habit.

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