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How a little known organ could protect people who’ve had stem cell transplants

Category: Science blog October 18, 2016

Our Stand Up To Cancer-funded researchers in Birmingham are turning their immune cell knowledge into ways to tackle infect...

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A new era for pancreatic cancer: The Dream Team

Category: Science blog October 17, 2016

We catch up with Professor Gerard Evan, a cancer genetics expert in Cambridge, to hear about his Stand Up To Cancer-funded...

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News digest – barriers to seeing the GP, soaring annual cancer cases, further worrying obesity findings, taxing sugary drinks and… turkeys?

Category: Science blog October 15, 2016

Annual cancer cases are rising in the UK; new barriers to seeing the GP identified; encouraging results from immunotherapy...

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Why has science seemingly changed its mind on night shifts and breast cancer?

Category: Science blog October 14, 2016

New research has a possible answer to a long-standing question over whether working night shifts increases the risk of bre...

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Cancer waiting times: what’s causing the delays?

Category: Science blog October 13, 2016

A key cancer waiting time target has been missed again in England, we investigate why.

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More people are getting cancer, but what do the numbers really mean?

Category: Science blog October 12, 2016

New figures we’ve released today estimate that by the year 2035, half a million people could be diagnosed with cancer ea...

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The second biggest preventable cause of cancer: being overweight

Category: Science blog October 11, 2016

We look at recent evidence linking obesity to more types of cancer than previously thought.

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