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Meat and cheese aren’t ‘as deadly as smoking’

Science Blog March 5, 2014

For the vast majority of people, eating protein isn’t “as bad for you as smoking”. Tobacco is the single biggest cause of preventable disease.

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Why today’s reports about skin cancer and alcohol are misleading

Science Blog January 29, 2014

The evidence that triggered headlines about heavy drinking and melanoma isn’t strong enough to link skin cancer and alcohol.

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Staying ‘elfy’ this Christmas

Science Blog December 23, 2013

Here’s a few festive suggestions to help you keep healthy over Christmas and into the New Year.

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The link between air pollution and cancer

Science Blog October 18, 2013

The World Health Organisation has reported that air pollution increases the risk of cancer – how do the risks stack up against other causes of cancer?

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Alcohol and cancer – the size of the problem in the UK

Science Blog March 22, 2013

You might be surprised to learn that alcohol-related cancer caused more hospital admissions than alcohol-related violence and road accidents combined (figures f...

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Absolute versus relative risk – making sense of media stories

Science Blog March 15, 2013

What do these headlines have in common? “People who use sunbeds are 20% more likely to develop malignant melanoma” “CT scans in childhood can triple the c...

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No, TV is not “giving kids cancer”

Science Blog January 8, 2013

“TV & COMPUTER CRAZE IS GIVING KIDS CANCER” – The front page of today’s Daily Mirror might give you terrifying visions of cancerous death rays s...

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